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Two Main Success Factors You Want to Develop

There are so many success factors you need to develop in yourself in order to have what you want and become who you desire. However, there are two key success factors you must recognize in the first place. And you should spend the most of your precious time on developing them.

The Myth of The Perfect Life

It started in the 70’s. This idea that women could have business suit careers, create beautiful homes for their families and take care of their kids as well as “their man”, without ever breaking a nail. I was reminded of a famous commercial on American television from that era that pretty much sums it up.

Living Through Office Politics

It can be very difficult to figure out how to survive office politics sometimes. There are so many different types of personalities you will encounter and each person will have unique motives and desires that they can get from the job they do. You have several…

Social Media Training for PAs, Office Managers, EAs and Other Support Roles

We have seen why it is so important for businesses to engage with potential and existing customers through social media. However, why is it important for PAs and other support roles to learn how to run a social media campaign. The reason is that most senior managers and owners are keen to start a social media campaign but do not want to do the campaign themselves, so it is most commonly delegated to their support.

Don’t Let Detroit Happen To You

Earlier this year, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy. This should be required reading for anyone interested in advancing their career while sidestepping the land mine of mistakes made in a once great American city.

Hiring a Resume Writer: Is It Worth It?

You’re about ready to plunge back into the icy waters of the employment search. You’ve dusted off your resume and you’re ready to jump in. Wait! Before you submit your application to that job you’ve got your eye on, look critically at the way you have represented yourself on paper. Is it good enough? Is it what hiring managers are looking for? If you are concerned that you might be submitting a document that will end up in the trash or never make it to the finalist pile, hiring a resume writer might be something you want to consider.

What Is A Day In The Life Of A Prop Trader?

As a professional proprietary trader, people are often asking me what a typical day is like. My aim is to help people interested in learning about the industry and how to be involved in the industry.

For Those Who Are Looking For A Job or Career, Your Resume And How You Answer Questions Is Critical

How you present yourself in the job interview in both written form and appearance is critical in tipping the scales in your favor. Make sure you have both of them completely covered before you sit down at the negotiating table. A clear resume will take you a long way. But a clear head takes you even farther. Being ready for all of the verbal land mines, along with the ability to anticipate the next set of questions without the sweating and verbal gaffes, can get you exactly where you want to go. There ARE things you can do to prepare yourself for all of this without adding undue stress to what could be a very stressful time.

Creating Valuable Career-Oriented Mentor-Mentee Relationships

This article will provide easy-to-implement strategies for creating valuable mentor-mentee relationships for career development. The information will be especially helpful for recent college graduates, career-changers, or persons re-entering the workforce after a hiatus.

Digital Strategy 101: How to Influence Innovation at Work

What is a digital strategy and why do we need it to influence innovation at work? An effective digital strategy is a written framework, discussed mantra, and embedded work culture for taking advantage of digital tools such as websites, mobile, social media, search, virtual conferencing, automatic data collection and analysis, online advertising and various other uses of technologies.

Helpful Hints To Get A Raise Or Promotion

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to requesting a raise. Following these tips is a good start to getting that bump you’ve been looking for.

Keep Your Job Search From Self-Destructing: 5 Ways

Today’s job search process has become extremely complex and it’s easy to make a single mistake that causes the whole project to self-destruct. Here are a 5 tips to keep your job search alive, as you deal with bizarre questions on job interviews, conflicting advice on writing your resume and a whole lot more.

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