How Much Does Natasha Kitchen Make On YouTube

Air Traffic Controller Salary

Air traffic controllers are people who regulate and maintain traffic flow in the air to ensure hassle free and safe flying of aircrafts. They have to take care of rules and regulations to keep airplanes segregated from each other and to keep them away from each other’s domain of flight. The regulation prescribed by Federal Aviation Administration should be followed while landing and taking off every flight. ATC or Air Traffic Controller is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs today as it calls for huge responsibility of ensuring flight safety.

School Bus Driver’s Job

In our pre-adolescent period, every morning there used to be an annoying horn to pick us up for school and we rushed to get ready before it arrives. School buses are public transportation which picks up students from their homes for schools. Job of school bus driver is very responsible one as you have to pick and drop students to their destinations on time and with extreme care.

Job Options Available in Accounting

The accountant has to complete his bachelor’s degree. But most of the accountants have degrees in finance, management, economics, or computer science.

Oil Rig Training and How it Helps Your Career

Oil rig training ensures that injuries are kept to a minimum and workers know how to respond in an emergency. It also makes your resume stand out when looking for a new job.

Career As a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner can do more than a traditional registered nurse, but their job is not quite the same as that of a doctor. So what does a nurse practitioner do? This career has existed since the mid 1960s when there was a shortage of qualified physicians around the country.

A Career in the Catering World

If you have ever considered a career in the Catering World then becoming a qualified Chef may be an exciting and rewarding career choice. Being a Chef is a way of life and an art form.

The Basics of Dental Assistant Training

There were about 280,000 dental aide careers in 2006. About 1/3rd of all these are part time. Careers in this field are expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations Job prospects are excellent and opportunities for those entering the field will be abundant.

Travel Jobs in Speech Pathology

Travel jobs in speech pathology are booming in the US healthcare sector. These jobs are rewarding and lucrative options for those who wish to travel to exciting locations throughout the country.

Nurse Anesthetist Job Description

A nurse anesthetist is an advanced level nurse who administers local, intravenous or inhalation anesthesia as prescribed by some doctor. Anesthesia refers to process of making patient under surgery unconscious for sometime to relieve him of experiencing pain and discomfort on area under operation. Nurse anesthetists are graduates and have to take training and research sessions continuously.

Move Forward Or Be Left Behind

Are you making steady progress towards your 2010 goals, or waiting for something to happen? Maybe you’re waiting for the economy to turn around – For hiring in your area to pick up.

School Nurse Job Description

A school nurse is employed by schools to promote healthy living in school children and help them with their individual problems. This idea creates a confidence among students about their care and concern.

Video Game Designer Job Description

The virtual world of wars and hardships, mission and shooting sprees and much more, this is the world of video games where you get lost in some fictitious world and never want to come out. These games are designed by video game designers who have a creative streak to think beyond the real life and make you fall for it. A video game designer creates detailed documents for design of games which includes look and feel, flow charts, flow, rules and missions for a particular game. This design document is then used by various other technicians like sound engineer, graphic designer etc who creates what actually our games look like.

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