How Much Does Natashas Kitchen Make On YouTube

Career Advancement Tips for Freshers

You have stepped out of your college or university in to the corporate world. Remember, the corporate market environment is a lot more competitive and fierce than the campus environment. You may be eager to make an impression right on your first job.

Rethinking Success – 3 Strategies to Change Your Career From a Noun to a Verb!

All of us are striving to achieve success. Like the degree we hang on the wall or the nameplate we put on the door, success is something that we’ve been taught to understand as a tangible thing – and a thing is a noun. So, case closed… success is a noun, right? Wrong! Find out how understanding success as a verb can change your career.

Mindset For Future Jobs

It is fairly easy to see why many people think short-term when it comes to employment. With the average job search now taking close to ten months according to The Wall Street Journal, the focus of millions of American workers is to secure his or her next paycheck – not what they are going to be doing five years from now.

Working As NZ Based Locum in Australia – Part 2

So, you’re a NZ doctor looking to work in Australia? In Part 1 of this series, we looked at some of the basics of working in Australia. There are some bureaucratic hoops to jump through, and they’re not all exactly straightforward.

Opening A Small Business Before We Hit The Iceberg

The economy is heading for a double dip. The signs are all around us. It is time to learn what you can do about it and instead of hitting the iceberg, sailing around it in your own boat!

A Shortcut Way to Earn Money?

Is there a good shortcut way to earn money? Shortcuts ways to earning money may mean different things to different people. Defining one’s boundaries and knowing where to look help.

Want a Career That Feels Like Your Calling?

Can you relate to Mike? I know I can. Mike said, “I’ve been an architect all my life, and I hate it. I went to school to be an architect; I’ve only worked jobs as an architect. I don’t know anything else. I hate it, and I don’t want to start over.” I then asked Mike, “So what if we were to wave a magic wand, and you could start down a different path, right now, what would you do?” Mike took a deep breath, thought for a long moment, then looked at me with a bit of sadness and worry on his face, “I have no idea. That’s one of my problems; I don’t know what I would do. And I don’t know how to figure it out.”

Overview of Engineering Studies in India

Engineering is the professional study of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and develop devices, systems or processes that improve the living of people. Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical are the main, core Engineering branches. In India, we have various engineering streams relating to Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, Instrumentation to Industrial, Textile and Agricultural Engineering. You can read an overview of the popular engineering branches in India at the end of the article. There are many number of private, public and autonomous institutions across the country, providing quality education along with state of the art facilities.

Becoming a Firefighter: What Does It Take?

Do You have what it takes to become a firefighter? If you are prepared to make the necessary commitment, a career as a Firefighter is likely to be one of exceptional reward and gratification, although it is also a very rigorous job.

Creating a Database

Actors are constantly meeting new people through auditions, networking events, opening parties, master classes, etc. In a business where knowing people is half the battle it is very important to create a database to remember who you know and how you know them. Creating a database can be quite easy and you can customize it in ways that work for you.

How to Help Your Summer Intern Find a Job

The employer and summer intern should have the same employment expectations during the summer internship period. Here are some tips to get everyone on the same page and make the summer internship a more fulfilling experience.

How to Get Your Credit Counseling Certification

If you are a personal finance professional, perhaps a certified financial planner, and you are looking to add to your repertoire of certifications it would be in your best interest to get your credit counseling certification. Credit counselors help consumers who are suffering from credit card debt, and they are experts and analyzing a persons expenses and income and setting up a budget.

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