How Much Does Neil McCoy Ward Make on Youtube

How Much Does Neil McCoy Make on YouTube (estimated)

Neil McCoy is a serial entrepreneur who is known for his work in sales, marketing, and real estate. He has a large following of people he calls the “Forward Thinkers,” which includes his email list with over 500,000 subscribers.

Neil frequently produces videos that are shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Like many entrepreneurs, Neil is primarily focused on building his business, not primarily focused on making money from his videos. However, since becoming an influencer is critical to the success of entrepreneurs in today’s world, Neil has created a systematic way of ensuring that his efforts don’t go to waste.

Neil McCoy is estimated to make 36K a year from Youtube ads.

Neil McCoy-Ward is considered an authority in the world of entrepreneurship. He has built a following by running his two popular YouTube channels, Forward Thinking Group and Property Cashflow System.

How does Neil McCoy compare to the average income of a Youtube celebrity?

The average American makes about $30K a year from ads on their videos. This is over 10 times less than Neil McCoy’s estimated income.

Who are the top earners on YouTube?

Forbes compiled a list of the top ten highest paid YouTubers in 2016. The highest earner made an estimated $15 million dollars in 2016.

In order from highest to lowest, the top 10 YouTubers of 2016 were: Skate Palette PewDiePie KSI Olajide BenLloyd Lilly Singh NigaHiga Dude Perfect Markiplier EvanTubeHD Rosanna Pansino

Making Money on YouTube: How to Use YouTube to Make Money

The number of people making money on YouTube is quickly expanding. In 2006, only about 0.01% of users were making money from their videos; this has grown to 10% as of 2014.

Forbes’ top earning YouTubers were able to make such massive incomes by working incredibly hard at what they do and by building a strong community of followers.

In recent years, many entrepreneurs have used YouTube as a great platform for making money. Here are some of the most popular YouTubers:

Casey Neistat – Makes over $350,000 a year from his channel on YouTube. He makes videos about whatever he wants and does it with a sense of humor and transparency.

Pat Flynn – Makes about $150,000 a year from his show on YouTube. He creates videos to help other entrepreneurs start their own online businesses and grow their brands.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Makes over $1 million dollars a year from his daily show on YouTube. Gary has amassed such a large following by being himself and making videos from his perspective.

The Most Profitable Kinds of Videos for Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money from your videos on YouTube, there are many different ways that you can earn passive income. You can earn affiliate commissions by making reviews of products and linking out to the product’s website.

YouTubers can also make a lot of money from their videos through advertisements placed by companies who want to sell their products.

Creators who build their fan base the right way are able to make money through brand deals, which is when a company finds an influential person on YouTube and pays them to advertise their product.

There are many different ways that you can earn passive income from your videos on YouTube. The three most profitable types of affiliate marketing videos are:

  • Review Videos – This is a video that you create that has a “call to action” to go to the product’s website and purchase the item.
  • Haul Videos – The purpose of a hauling video is for an influencer to show their audience what they just purchased at the store.
  • Unboxing Videos – In an unboxing video, an influencer shows their audience how they can use or wear the product they just bought.

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