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Hedge Fund Career Opportunities – Find Hidden Career Paths

Within this article we are going to discuss hidden hedge fund career opportunities that you may be overlooking. Whether you are just entering the industry or are just looking to make an employment change within it this article will help you move forward with your career goals.

Hedge Fund Internships – How to Search For One Online

This article will help those looking for hedge fund internships search more effectively for one online. This piece provides advice on how to look for a valuable internship within the hedge fund industry.

Top 5 Tips for Finding Hedge Fund Job Opportunities

This article provides a series of tips for those looking for hedge fund job opportunities. Finding a hedge fund job is not easy, but this tips can help make the process more straight forward.

3 Tips To Surviving Office Politics

Office politics implies social intrigues with a view to gaining power. This is a major challenge in many corporate settings; the high ranking officer wants to keep his position, while the low ranking officer wants to move up the corporate ladder.

How to Get What You Need to Get Out of Your Box

There are a number of things you can do to support the unfolding of your goals and desires, even those aspirations you’re not sure you can really pull off.  One of the things you can do is find someone who has successfully walked the path ahead of you.

Waitress Tool Kit – Top 15 Items Every Server Must Keep at Work and Why

I bet an auto mechanic can’t do his job if he doesn’t have his tool box with him; the same goes for a waitress or waiter. Being a server, how can you expect to get through a shift if you don’t have the proper tools to do your job easily and effectively? Waitresses that arrive will all their supplies look serious about their job, organized and professional. Your customers will notice, your boss will take note and your co-workers will love working with you. By having the right tools for the job on every shift, you will be prepared so you can concentrate on what you need to do; that is do your job and make big tips.

Career Advice on Personal Brand – 3 Top Personal Brand Mistakes That Kill Your Chance of a Promotion

Do you know the 3 most common personal brand mistakes made by career professionals that keep them from getting a promotion? The answers and strategies for what to do are inside this article.

How Well Do You Know That?

The most important skill that every technologist (across all specialties) needs to excel is asking questions. You can ask yourself questions, such as “Why is this working this way?” or you can ask questions to obtain information from vendors, business community, colleagues, etc. It is important to ask questions to learn…not to show off what you already know.

The Do’s and Do Nots of Searching for a Job in Dubai

Dubai is an incredible place. Located in the Middle East, sun, sea and sand await for those that want to live and work in this small Emirate. We will be talking about methods on how getting a job in Dubai means how you should change your CV accordingly to suit the United Arab Emirates.

How Are You Spending 10,000 Hours?

Looking back at your career (and life) thus far, can you pick one or two items you’ve spent 10,000 hours on to perfect? How do you plan on spending the next 10,000 hours? Focused… or just passing the time!

Managing Your Expectations

Recently I attended a networking event and was surprised by the presenter’s inability to hide her disappointment. It was a small group and she clearly had expected more attendees. People appreciated the information she had to offer but not everyone was jumping out of their seats to become her paying clients. So this made me think about a few things…

Communication Skills at a Workplace

This article talks about using communication as an effective tool at a workplace. Every business is dependent on the way communication takes place in the workplace. The key is to communicate the right strategy and get the accurate results.

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