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Physical Therapy – Becoming a Therapist

A physical therapist is one who works side by side with individuals who have had the misfortune of suffering from disabilities resulting from disease or accidents. A PT is able to design a rehabilitation plan along with doctors and medical professionals treating the patient to obtain positive results in the form of restored physical abilities. Physical therapy can include different forms of exercise, massage, and ultrasound techniques.

Quality Improvement – Holding Faster Meetings

If you cannot eliminate meetings because they must take place, you should focus on holding them as quickly as possible so employees can maintain productivity and continue working. Meetings can cause loss of productivity when they take too much time and they occur too often. Here are a few tips on how to provide quality improvement on speeding up meetings and getting the most out of them.

How to Use Intuition to Change Your Career – 7 Steps to Combining Logic and Intuition

By learning how to get our intuition to work for us, we can get the job we want instead of the job we have. Imagine choosing from an almost infinite number of possibilities instead of being pigeonholed into the same old thing.

Quality Improvement – Getting the Right Focus

The focal point for quality improvement is often geared in the wrong direction. This can be frustrating and can also cause a loss of productivity with a business. A few things you can do to get everyone headed in the right direction include seeing the customer’s point of view, verifying facts with the entire organization, and seeing the different perspectives.

How a Mentor Can Help You in Business

I’ve had a great experience with having a mentor. Let me tell you about my experience and why I think a mentor can be helpful for you.

From Redundancy to Freelance Success

Losing your job can be traumatic, but it can also be the doorway to a much more rewarding career outside the world of salaried posts. This article looks at the key steps along the road from redundancy to freelance success.

What Are Some Common Creative Director Jobs?

Creative director jobs are available in many different fields. Most people do not realize that these types of jobs are as available as they are. There are many different industries that depend on this type of job as an integral part of a team.

Looking Into the World of Art Director Careers

Art director careers are sought after careers. There is a great many industries that look to art directors to provide direction and implement plans for the industry.

The Important Responsibilities of a Surgical Technician

For someone who is interested in the medical field, an excellent career choice may be the path of a surgical technician. These skilled workers assist the surgeon before, during and after surgical procedures.

Work Experience – Get a Job Without Having All the Qualifications in the Job Description

With one job posting receiving 50 applications (and even more during times of high unemployment), the basic required qualifications listed in the job description are the easiest way to reduce the number of potential candidates. You will be screened out by the web application system, the Human Resources department, or the hiring manager.

What to Expect From a Career As a Paralegal

The practice of law is an extremely prominent and lucrative career. Many people are very interested in this field, yet they do not necessarily aspire to be an attorney. For those wishing to become part of the legal industry without becoming a lawyer, a career as a paralegal is a good option to consider.

Where to Get CCNA Training

Those interested in obtaining IT Professional Certification for Cisco Products know this is an important way to advance their career and open up many more opportunities. Find out more here.

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