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Extraordinary Ways To Be An Intern Abroad

Every college student seems to be looking forward to be an intern abroad. Apart from the adventures they will meet in a foreign land, they are very much after the life-changing things they will learn out there. Since a big part of the student population is jumping on every opportunity to do so, there is not much openings for internship that are available for others. And so, they are caught in a serious dilemma.

Do Your Bios Get You Clients?

What’s the first thing you do before you start following someone on Twitter? Or decide to visit someone’s website when you look at their Facebook page? And what makes you decide if you want to link with someone on LinkedIn? You read their bio first. And in a split second, you decide if you find them interesting or not. That truly is the power of a bio. It instantly attracts someone – or not. YOUR bio is also instantly attractive to someone – or not. And every person that reads bio, might be your next client. Your bio can be a great and easy way to get noticed and invite people to visit your website, 24 – 7. So… the more attractive your bio is, the better!

Our Primary Job

Research confirms our need as humans to contribute to the greater good — personally and professionally. Here are five examples of giving back that will help you live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

How to Get the Interview From a Craigslist Job Ad

I recently placed two ads on Craigslist -one for a PR professional and another for a Film professional. My ads were very specific regarding requirements such as camera and editing equipment, accuracy, etc. Both advertised positions were freelance and we responded to every email received. Let me preface my review of the hiring process by stating that yes we have a jobs crisis with four times more job seekers than available jobs (seven if you include those working part time when they prefer full time and those who have given up), based on data from the Department of Labor. However, judging by our review of the 100+ resumes received, I also believe we have a “candidates crisis”. Here is what you can and should do to separate yourself from the crowd and get the interview.

What to Do, What to Be – An Activity’s Dilemma

One of the dilemmas for people with the Activity Perceptual Style is that there is too many things that interest them. This is often seen as a problem by them and others and is judged as lack of commitment. Every person who is Activity has this issue to some degree. The solution is to embrace that having multiple, often intense interests are due to the way Activity perceives the world, and to accept it as a natural skill to be celebrated rather than judged.

Key Attributes of a Good Boss

Everyone wants a leader that they can trust, but also someone they don’t mind working with. When you are striving to be a good boss, you need to make sure you are creating a good work relationship with your employees. This will allow you to motivate your workers as well as keep them happy. Happy workers=better quality work.

Worst Job Hunting Method, May Be Most Effective!

The success rate of applying for jobs online is not encouraging however there’s no reason that you cant be one of the lucky 10-18% of online applicants that gets a call back. This article provides an overview of principles that one can apply to better their chances of landing that elusive job online.

Future Jobs – ObamaCare Costs, Bring On The Artificial Intelligent Holographic Receptionist

Well, with this new ObamaCare rule, it turns out that many businesses are opting to only allow their employees to work 29 hours a week because that keeps them under the so-called full-time employment which has been mandated now at 30 hours per week by the ObamaCare legislation, also known as the; Affordable Health Care Act. The media is now calling all of these underemployed people; The 29’ers. Perhaps that is apropos, but what is a business to do?

Superficial Elements Of Professionalism – Little Things Make A Big Difference

What is the definition of professionalism? Professionalism ultimately comes down to playing the role that the other people in your environment want to see from you. This means that the ‘role’ will be different in each context. A court magistrate might be expected to demonstrate their professionalism in a very different way to that of a child care worker for example. It all depends on people’s expectations of the role, which will differ depending on the role.

5 Effective Tips For Your Job Search

Have you been looking out for a job change? Here are some effective points which will help you in your job search.

Can a “Marilyn Monroe” Voice Stop Your Career?

Without knowing it a breathy voice can halt your career dead in its tracks. Perhaps you don’t even know that this may be your problem. If your attempting to get a job interview and then do a successful interview over the phone this could be the issue that is putting a stop to your career advancement or from getting that new job.

The Benefits Career Advice Services Can Offer

When you are in need of career advice services, you need to look at many things. Make sure what they are telling you is truly beneficial to what you are doing.

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