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Firefighter Fitness – Candidate Physical Ability Tests – CPAT

Back in the day most career fire departments had their own firefighter fitness test requirements. Most career fire departments now have candidate physical ability tests (CPAT) administered to prospective candidates. They include eight continuous on a path, exercise drills that must be completed in 10 minutes and 20 seconds and is pass or fail.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

A Numerical Reasoning Test is a type of aptitude test, and it is very likely that at some point in your life you will take this test, if for no other reason than to check your own ability! Just remember, the questions are all straightforward, and you can certainly prepare for the test so if you just practice and stay calm during the test you will be fine. There are many improvements you can make just by practicing.

Adult Education Instructor

Hello, I work in the adult education industry teaching English and literature to adults who want to better their chances at a good job. My clientele, because of the nature of my profession and my location (Los Angeles, California), means that I have a great deal of students who have just become a part of this country, and so speaking Spanish as well as English (And some Chinese) is an absolute must. I have 15 years of experience at this work, and if I had to describe myself in only three adjectives, they would be “patient,” “thoughtful,” and “curious.”

5 Top Reasons to Become a Physical Therapist

In this article you will learn the simplest but most important reasons why becoming a physical therapist is an ideal career. After reading the article, you will also realize why physical therapy has always been one of the most desirable careers.

How to Become a Quantity Surveyor

This article contains advice on how to become a quantity surveyor. It lists price structures, qualifications, positives and negatives, contacts and a summary of the job.

Worrying About Getting That First Day Behind You?

Remember that first day of school when you were six? It’s the same feeling as you eagerly anticipate your first day in your new career. So much to look forward to and so much to accomplish; you want to make a good impression while not shoving your foot down your throat in the process.

Investment Banking Media – What Should Aspiring Bankers Be Reading?

The investment banking media world is filled with 100s of potentially valuable resources – more than enough to satiate any aspiring banker’s hunger for information. But in a world of information overload, what’s the 80-20 collection? Ie: if you only have so many hours per week which investment banking resources should you be turning to? FT v WSJ v Fortune and so on – let’s settle the debate now, and save you time.

3 Big No – No’s and How to Keep Perspective

We can all work related to the frustrations that drain source our enthusiasm. This frustration and mediocre results that no boss happy.

Can You Become a Model at Age 16?

If you wish to become a model and have always been interested in this profession since child birth, it is not difficult at all for you to learn to become a model at age 16. However, there are certain things that you must have if you wish to become a model at age 16. The first thing that you must possess is a good body and physique, which is the main requirement for all those who wish to become models.

How to Become a Model at Age 15

For boys and girls, fifteen is a pretty tender age because they are going through their phase of puberty. However, if you are interested in modeling and have a true passion for this art, there are certain possibilities by which you will be able to become a model at the age of fifteen.

Career Test: A Free Career Test Can Add Value To Your Job Search

When you first start out searching for a career the choices seem endless. While each person has varying degrees of skill and education, the world is pretty much yours for the taking if you are willing to put in the work. Whether you’re a first time job seeker, a career changer, or re-entering the job market after an absence, using a career test – sometimes called a career path test – may help you narrow down your choices.

Cool Jobs: What They Are, and How To Get One

Unless you marry rich, or are going to inherit, everybody has to work, right? That being the case, logically, you might as well do something cool. Tell someone you are a magician and they will instantly like you. Tell them you are a lawyer and they will think you are a slime-ball…

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