How Much Does Old No 7 garage Make on YouTube

How To Deal With Interruptions As An IT Professional

Interruptions happen to all of us. We get phone calls, people coming up to our desk, and meetings to go to. This can take up a significant amount of time. Wouldn’t it be better if we got no interruptions and could just get on with our work? Probably. But that isn’t likely to happen. The next best thing is to learn to deal with them. Read some tips on how we can do this.

How To Become a Wellness Leader?

As a practitioner, you believe in standing out among other health businesses and professionals by providing unique and high-quality service to your clients. But, being a practitioner is just the first step of the journey – there are many things to understand in becoming a wellness leader.

Find Excellent Online Professional Development Programs

People across professions require regular professional development. This is a fast paced world and so techniques and methods develop rapidly. If an individual gets educated under a certain system and practice, the same might go obsolete in times to come.

Your New Rigging Career Starts Here

Get Started Today on your New Career as a Rigger – The Australian construction Industry recognises that riggers make things happen, and a basic, intermediate or advanced rigging certification provides those who have been correctly trained, assessed and deemed competent, the necessary skills required to work safely and competently as a licensed rigger. There are a number of rigging courses offered in Australia, however as rigging work is classified as a ‘high risk work’ activity, the correct training and assessment must be undertaken before an industry recognised high risk work (HRW) licence for rigging can be attained.

How to Avoid Tardiness

Getting a good job is half the battle. Once you land that job there are certain practices you can put into place to all but guarantee success.

The Best Way to Ask for a Raise

Approaching management at work to ask for a raise can be intimidating. This article discusses the proper way to ask for a raise.

How To Write Your Objectives At Work For An Executive Assistant

Job objectives can be trying and boring to complete. However, you should get them right, here is why.

Improve Your Employees’ Efficiency

Effective human resources are among the most important constitutions of a successful company, small-scale and large-scale alike. Many institutions depend on the contributions and the talents of their team, making it essential to maintain the performance-efficiency of these people. Additionally, due to the high demands in man power and the variety of opportunities that are available to many people, managements must take it upon themselves to offer their workers enough reason to stay in their companies.

Speaking Like a Valley Girl Does Not Speak Well of You

If you are looking to make the best impression possible, sounding like a Valley Girl is not helping that objective. When you raise the pitch of your voice at the end of every sentence, you lose all semblance of credibility because your statements sound like questions. You may be very credible; unfortunately, a rise in the pitch of your voice at the end of statements does not sound that way.

No “Magic Bullets”, No Guarantees

Recently a friend of mine made a referral of a woman whose daughter was having difficulty in college. When the woman called me she wanted to know what her daughter would get out of working with me. I told her that at the end of the process her daughter would know what her natural skills and interests were and have an action plan to pursue something that took advantage of them. Then she asked a question that I hear frequently but which never ceases to amaze me: “Can you guarantee that if she goes through this process with you that she will be able to get a productive job that will allow her to make a good living?” The only truthful answer to that question, “No”, is always a disappointment and regularly leads to an unsatisfactory ending to the conversation.

3 Tips to Raise Your Standards in Business and Life, Right Now!

Many of us find ourselves in situations where we aren’t quite sure how to break out of the stagnant situation we’re in. We could have become complacent in certain aspects of our life or business and need to find a way through it. Sometimes we need to raise the bar in what we do to break those walls and here’s how:

You Can Leverage the Power You Have

Are you currently in the midst of a challenging situation in your career or personal life? Let’s face it, if you aren’t now, you will be. Life is a continual ebb and flow of challenges. Today, I am excited to share with you a tool you can use to help you overcome your next obstacle that seems insurmountable. This tool will help you tap into and leverage the power that you already have.

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