How Much Does Olivia Neill Make On YouTube

Criminal Law Is an Exciting Specialty for Paralegals

Paralegals play an important part in the legal system, doing much of the background work that is required before a case can be presented in court. Paralegals help lawyers get prepared for court hearings and trials. They also handle many client interviews, draft legal documents, research legal cases, and summarize and organize information.

Another Irrational Career Move That Recent College Graduates Make

Masters in Business Administration – Now, it may be just as lucrative to study on your own rather than go to a formal MBA program. What many of these grads don’t understand is that you could study how to be a hedge fund manager 19 hours a day, but if you’re doing it simply for the money, you may be able to fake a report card, but not real life. There are some very good MBA programs that exist.

Irrational Career Decisions Some Recent Graduates Make

A significant mistake that some recent college graduates make is letting the current economy control their career path rather than letting current circumstance dictate only the first job or two they take after graduation. For instance, some recent graduates get a MBA purely to avoid the possibility of unemployment or an hourly job for a year or two is costly and often shows little to no ROI. Unfortunately, running to an MBA program is just one of the many potential significant career mistakes…

Free Government Grants for Every Financial Need

Educating youth is important for the future growth and prosperity of a nation. In order to get a job that pays well, your resume needs to display a college degree or something better.

What Is Leadership Development Coaching?

Who can benefit from coaching? There are many ways to grow a leader. The idea of leader development originally came from the sports world. Benjamin Carter was one of the first life coaches. He started helping develop leaders during his career as a college football coach.

A Direct Sales Travel Company May Be Your Ticket To Financial Success

Lots of people who start a home based business earn significant amounts of money from network marketing. More and more people searching for and comparing ways to earn income with a home based business are surprised to find a great number of legitimate opportunities.

Staying Business-Ready in Unpredictable Weather

It’s that time of year again: crisp, bright mornings; fall foliage in a stunning palette of gold, red, and orange; the freshest picks of the fall harvest. Autumn has so much to offer – yet here in Toronto, I already felt the first pangs of longing for the recent summer when the weather turned bitter, wet and windy last week. Navigating through that harsh weather is certainly an adjustment – not to mention, a major hazard to your business attire if you have to confront rainy city streets on your way to work or a meeting! Not to worry: there are many ways to stay stylish – and protected from the elements – even in the wet weather’s worst.

How Long Will A Hiring Manager Or Recruiter Spend Reading My CV?

Recruiters and hiring managers have their own rules on how much time they will spend reading through a candidate’s professional CV. For a specialised role or more senior role, a HR Manager will receive much fewer CV applications and are more likely to read through entire CVs. How long will they spend on a role, though, that receives over hundreds of CV applications?

Top 7 Tips for Successful Resume Writing

A resume is a summary of your employment history, which should be written with the right amount of information to entice a potential employer to want to know more and consequently invite you to attend an interview. Too much information can sometimes work against you and hitting the right balance takes practice. A resume should always be customized to the position you are applying for and used in conjunction with a cover letter.

Legal Hiring Trends: Hot Practice Areas Now and For The Future

If you are an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary or other legal professional looking for a legal job, you may take some comfort in knowing that although the overall legal job market remains flat, there are few bright spots out there. Despite a challenging economic climate, a recent Robert Half Legal survey among attorneys revealed that about one-third of law firms intend to add staff in the third quarter of 2011 “While the job market remains competitive, 51 percent of lawyers report difficulty recruiting skilled legal professionals. When asked what type of positions will be added in…

Why You Should Take An Internship As A Medical Assistant

A career in medical assistance is one of the fastest growing fields in the health care profession today. The skills required for this job combine knowledge of office work and billing software as well as an understanding of anatomy and human biology.

4 Phrases That Every Sales Interviewer Wants To Hear

As a headhunter, I’ve seen all types of both positive and negative sales interviewing tactics, blunders and poorly written follow-up e-mails. However, whether many of these interviewing aspects are positive or negative is entirely subjective. An interview answer that feels off to one recruiting party may seem like the perfect answer to the other.

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