How Much Does On D Gas Racing Make on YouTube

Ever Thought – What Is an Aptitude Test?

Are you thinking about your career? Perhaps you are going for some jobs and are worried that you may have to face a test? A career aptitude test is often used by an employer to help them make better hiring decisions.

What You Might Not Know About MBA Programs

What makes the MBA very valuable is that students are already considered resourceful to qualify for the program. Like most other degrees an MBA degree is usually sort after to improve your business knowledge, career standing and remuneration.

The Toughest Job Interview Question You Will Ever Be Asked

What’s the movie you run in your head when anticipating your next interview? Do you picture smiling faces and warm handshakes and people who look like they are actually pleased to see you? or do you approach it with dread, imagine their scowls and just hope to get it over with as quickly as possible.

What You Need to Know About Your Personality Test

Personality profiling is in demand, yet often the people within organization who seek to use different profiling systems, wrongly refer to it as a personality test. What is it that organizations are seeking when they apply these tools?

The Prevalence Of The Shortage Of Medical People

The early months of 2008 have been very busy ones for Hays Medical Center or HMC. In 2008 the Hays Medical Center or HMC was very busy.

Medical Transcription Pay: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

This week the AHDI Lounge put out a short survey about speech recognition editing and how MTs are working with that technology. While the results are a small group so far, I’m struck with a few things that I think we should examine.

Choosing The Right Law Accreditation Courses

Aside from the fact that law accreditation courses are not easy, choosing the right law school is not easy as well. A lot of people think that the law profession is very noble, and they are right.

What Is Career Coaching?

What does a Career coach do? What is it like to work with a career coach and do I need a coach? A Career coach is an expert in working with people who wish to improve their work satisfaction, change jobs, or make a career change. They are skilled in interviewing and counseling, and have specialist knowledge of the complex cognitive processes involved with making decisions about work choices and how to sustain resilience. They are mature individuals, with the most effective coaches having experience in different careers themselves.

Would You Like to Know What It Is Like to Drive an 18 Wheeler?

If your passion is driving then maybe you would like to drive a big truck. Not only will it make you happy, wait now, here is the little bonus, you get paid to do it. What a concept, doing something you enjoy and getting paid a decent wage for doing it.

The Unsolicited Resume to Executive Recruiters: What to Expect

It is a practice that has been around for decades and is still done, though more often than not, these days, via email rather than snail mail. And that is, the mass mailing of unsolicited resumes from job seekers to executive recruiters. There are several thousand executive recruiters in the US alone. Some work for big firms, most for small firms. All have very similar processes for sourcing and qualifying candidates. Each firm handles unsolicited resumes in their own way, but there are similarities. The author is a veteran executive recruiter with experience in both large international and boutique firms. In this article he addresses the topic of “unsolicited resumes” from his and his colleagues’ past experiences.

Career Advice – Using the Internet

If you have any doubts, type your name into that Google search box and see what comes up. Chances are your interviewer or boss will be doing the same, and you’ll want to make sure there are no surprises.

Joining Groups on LinkedIn

Groups! They’re all over the place. You can’t even find them all by searching. There are a lot of them! Here are a few ideas on finding LinkedIn groups that will work well for your networking effort and your job search.

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