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The Work-Life Balancing Act

Many professionals encounter times in their careers when they are overwhelmed by the workload on the job and are forced to establish a better work-life balance or face total burnout. Maybe your company has downsized, leaving you and those remaining with more work and responsibilities; maybe you are managing multiple jobs to make ends meet; or maybe you’re in a new role that is leaving you completely inundated at the end of each day.

Words That Define You

More than ever, our world has become a vast array of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns. Paying careful attention to the words you use ensures that you express yourself in a manner that is consistent with your identity and brand. This article explores how your word choices can say a lot about you.

How to Make an Income As a Male Fashion or Commercial Model

There are many ways for a male to become a model! The most lucrative yet hardest way is to become a high fashion model.

I Want a Better Job – Career Advice

The other day, someone asked why I had written so much about jobs, careers, and employment? Well, it’s simple, it’s one of the hottest topics there is due to our high unemployment figures right now in the midst of the political season. Perhaps, what they meant was; why are you writing so much about jobs when you’ve never actually had one – a job that is.

Top 3 Rules When Mixing Great Scrubs Pieces

Gone were the days that medical professionals wore the traditional white clothes and laboratory coats. With the advent of computers and technology, medical uniforms evolved along with it.

Nursing Profession – Top 5 Pocket Necessities at Work

Like other medical workers worldwide, nurses have stressful, tedious and tiring jobs in the industry. Their work not only requires dedication and hard work, but they should love their profession for them to last long in their work.

Track Failure To Success Through Optometry Consulting

Do you know what a Half Ironman (HIM) is? A HIM is a triathlon that consists of a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride and finishing with a 13.1 mile (half marathon) run. A total of 70.3 miles between the three sports. People train to complete this race in the least amount of time and come up with the best results in that small amount of time.

Advanced LinkedIn Job Search Strategies

Many professionals understand the importance of LinkedIn in your job search and how to start pursuing job opportunities using this professional networking platform. Once you have these basics under your belt, you are ready to move forward to more advanced LinkedIn job search strategies listed below.

LinkedIn Job Search Strategies for Beginners

Networking is one of the most important – if not the most important – activities that you can leverage throughout your career. Because only 20 percent of all job opportunities are publicly advertised, it is essential that you grow a strong network of career stakeholders to provide a healthy flow of support and potential job leads.

Will Social Media Get You a Job?

Social media has undoubtedly helped countless students and professionals build and advance their online presence, and in some cases, helped them secure new career opportunities. The keyword here is helped. Social media did not get them their jobs; it only helped them get their jobs.

Personal Branding: The Lighthouse Branding Model

More and more people are talking about the importance of personal branding, both in career searching and in career development. Effective personal branding not only makes you stand out from the crowd to employers and recruiters, it can also increase your job security by communicating your value as a leader and team player to your organization.

5 Tips to Get the Job

Some believe that having a career means you go to college, get a high paying job and land in the middle of the American Dream by age 25. So not happening in today’s economy. But you can still have the American dream of being the best you can be, by making the best of your situation and working to improve it, every single day. Getting a job is easier than you might have thought… Come along and see.

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