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More People Feeling Trapped In Their Jobs

More and more people are feeling trapped in their jobs, and are hoping to escape to something better in the new year. Employers feel like they can hold employees over a barrel.

The World Needs You To Be Your Freaky Self!

How do you feel about flying your freak flag high and proud and sharing your juicy goodness with us? Being self-expressed in this way totally rocks and it’s the fastest way to living a Kick-Ass Life!

Unfurl That Freak Flag!

Flying your freak flag is more about showing up fully and not being afraid to show the world who you are and what’s important to you. It’s about taking a stand and having an opinion and not being afraid to share and wave it about.

Making The Thank You Note A Part Of Your Job Search

By sending Thank You notes after your interview you separate yourself from applicants who do not. This article discusses the four secrets to the effective use of Thank You notes. Do it right and increase your odds of getting the job offer.

Great Cover Letter

A cover letter is an important document, which you need to send with your resume. It plays a crucial role in your career, when you are looking for a job.

Understanding the Moral and Legal Obligations of Bartenders

The choice to pursue a career as a bartender can be a very good one – it can lead to a lifelong career that offers good compensation and the chance to interact with a wide variety of people. However, it is also a choice that brings with it some significant obligations and responsibility. If you are not prepared for the obligations that come with the position, you might find yourself in a very difficult situation. The best way to prepare yourself for the responsibilities and obligations of tending bar is to go through a bartending school.

How to Prepare for the Loss of Your Job

Living with the unknown and not knowing whether or not you will have your job tomorrow or next week or even next year can be very stressful. But here are few simple steps that can prepare you for a job loss In today’s tough economic climate, job security is very scarce.

Learning SAP – What You Know Before You Pay for Training

SAP Security is part of SAP Basis module in SAP. Basis module is the system administration piece in SAP. This cuts across all the modules. This is more to do with SAP Administration and systems management. To learn SAP Basis or SAP Security the person need not be a functional consultant or do not need to have any domain experience.

How To Increase The Odds Of Career Success

When you are at the early stages of your career, the chances are that you will be ambitious and want to go as far as you possibly can. You may have the necessary qualifications to set yourself up for success but still find it a struggle to get moving forward in your career. So what can you do to increase the chances of success in your career?

Why Is It Great to Have a Portfolio Career?

Did you know that there is so much to love about having a portfolio career or lifestyle? Perhaps you are you thinking – but what is a portfolio career? The concept of portfolio careers has been around for many years. It’s about creating a lifestyle of work/life balance which plays to your strengths and passions, from which you derive an income. Does it sound interesting if you’ve never heard about it before? Or if you already are a portfolio careerist, do you have alternative thoughts on the idea?

Focus the Key of Sports Psychology and Coaching

Athletes go through a whole deal of pressure when they compete and train for the Olympics or the NBA Championship Games. The mental and physical strain one goes through is huge and it is an advantage to be involved in sports psychology and coaching as here athletes are taught to strive for the best. Sports psychology and coaching does not only cover athletes competing in the Olympics or the major leagues, but as long as the athlete’s goal is for greatness than this is the right path for him.

Self-Promotion and a Positive Attitude

Learn how to embrace self-promotion. Here are some ideas to get you started on the path to a more bold representation of yourself. Most of it starts with a positive attitude.

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