How Much Does Our Rich Journey Make on YouTube

Salary? How Much Should I Ask? Or Should I Ask?

How should you respond if HR asks your salary requirement? If I ask for too much base, will that disqualify me? If I ask for too little base, will the company low-ball me? Should I ask HR for a salary range? When? Before the interview?

The Seven Tips To Get Promoted At Work

Most of us want to get promoted. These are some tips you would like to consider on getting yourself promoted. If you follow these tips, you may get promoted in no time.

Learn How to Manage Your Boss

The majority of workers have to drive through daily traffic, rush into work, juggle a variety of tasks, deal with co-worker drama, come home, assist children, and then finally get to sleep. In addition to all of that many very often have to cope with manager problems. In fact only 49% of workers are satisfied with their boss. If you are experiencing some problematic situations with your superior here are some ways you can learn how to manage your boss and have a happier life.

Are You Ready to Make the Move From Litigation and Trial Work to Corporate or General Counsel?

For many attorneys it’s the natural progress of the law practice. After spending several years working up and through the trenches, most litigation attorney seek to use those skills in the corporate world. Depending on the attorney’s background, experience level, credential, and accomplishments, a litigation attorney may find him or herself as the General Counsel of Apple, or maybe Associate Counsel for an Independent music or entertainment company.

What Is the Level of School Needed To Become a Security Guard

Numerous people planning to enter the security industry wonder if there are any minimum formal educational requirements to become a security guard. Typically, there are no specific school qualifications for security guards, but businesses and organizations that employ security officers (security guards are also called security officers) usually prefer to fill positions with applicants who have at least a high school diploma, or a GED equivalent, and are willing to undergo specialized training. While some employers prefer to hire security guards with some higher education, such as a police science or criminal justice degree, many establishments give newly hired…

Turn Jobs Into Careers: Degrees People Need For The Best Pay

In the throws of the recession, a sampling of US workers revealed that over one-half believed they were in stagnant careers and were exhibiting signs of work related stress. But with high unemployment rates, and little hiring going on, what could they do about it?

A Key Secret To a Healthy Patient Flow For Your Practice

Need a healthy patient flow into your practice? The secret is simple. The implementation is more challenging but extremely effective when attracting new patients. Find the answer in this article.

How to Become a Movie Stylist

Do you want to know how to become a movie stylist or celebrity fashion stylist? Just how does one get into this business? It isn’t as cut and dry as many professions, like nurses and lawyers, where you know you just need to get the right education and training, put the time and effort in and the career field doors will open somehow.

Top 6 Tips To Ace Your Job Interview!

It may have been a long time since you’ve had that job interview and you know that there are a lot of other job seekers out there probably going for the same thing, so it’s important that you are equipped to do your very best. Here are six tips guaranteed to help you ace your interview!

The Signs of Harmful Managers: The Four Types To Look Out For In Your Job and Advice on What To Do

Sometimes there are managers who do not do their job properly. If you work for one or have hired one, then read this article for specific information about the four types. All four types are interested in meeting their own needs and put in minimal effort into their work. Two types are fraudsters and two are non-fraudsters but can be equally harmful to a company. Advice is given on what to do if you are faced with one of these managers. A good read for business owners as well as employees.

It’s Time to Quit Your Job – 12 Signs That Make You Say I Quit!

The thought comes to mind every waking day… “I should just quit my job!” Then you get up and start your morning with coffee as you watch the news. The fear starts settling in as you hear that the unemployment rate has increased and that the job market has slowed down. Now that feeling of quitting has turned into thanking God that you have a job. But even in a down spiraling economy some jobs are not worth it! Here are 12 signs to determine if you should quit your job!

The Top 5 Benefits Of A Career In Nursing

The top 5 benefits of a career in nursing do not become apparent until the job is looked at carefully. Firstly, check what is required for each area in terms of qualifications. A degree is necessary for many of the jobs but…

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