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3 Signs It’s Time to Launch Your Business

Over the past couple of decades, I have started several businesses; some have worked, and some have not. Even those ventures falling short of expectations provided an excellent learning experience. In other words, I didn’t see much revenue, but I learned what not to do in the future.

Trusting What You Get

How often have you ignored a hunch? Dismissed an intuitive feeling or a pre-cognitive dream? Each time you ignore your inner knowing, you weaken its voice within you.

The Next Possible Thing – Acting From Intuition

You woke up this morning with a new idea. You marinated in it before getting out of bed. You asked yourself, is this the time to follow that dream?

Tip on How to Attack a Difficult and Unpredictable Job Market

We know that looking for employment can be very frustrating also. If you read this informative article you will surely get a jump start on others job seekers.

Exercise To Earn More

Employees have discovered many ways of bumping up their salary but how often do we hear of the 100% effective option – exercise to earn more? On the face of it, exercising and salaries are mutually exclusive with no correlation, but let’s catch their close relationship by delving a little deeper. Why does one exercise? Here are some common reasons – lose weight, keep ailments away, look attractive, reduce stress, as a hobby, and maybe even to get a date. Now, let’s analyze how each of the above healthy reasons can also serve to perk up your paycheck.

Start Your Career Today As a Professional House Sitter

Watching over a person’s home is an easy job for you to start today and make more money. People will pay good money for you to keep their homes safe while they are away. Homeowners feel safer when they have someone to stay in their home and watch over it.

Make Easy Money Doing Odd Jobs On Craigslist

Craigslist has many easy job opportunities and if you need quick cash you should start looking there. Many postings are for odd jobs that you can quickly preform in one day to get more money.

Truck Driving Career – 5 Top Tips For Selecting The Best Employer

Are you considering a truck driving career? Good news! Due to the number of nationwide trucking companies looking for qualified drivers, your chances of finding a job are extremely high. The hardest part may be choosing the best company to meet your needs.

Treat Your Time As a Precious Investment

If you’re really honest with yourself, how would you rate your ability to focus? In today’s world, we are so pressured to multi-task. It’s almost a badge of honor to be able to do 5 things at once! But the end result is that we are frantically busy, but not productive – and that can wreak havoc on our careers and our path to leadership. I’ll share with you three simple habits I’ve put into practice over the past several years that have helped me to maintain focus on the right things. While I’m writing this through the lens of entrepreneurship, these habits also apply to you as an emerging leader.

The Dreaded Job Interview

After you have constructed the perfect resume and applied for the perfect job you will hopefully receive that favourite phone call congratulating you on receiving an interview request. Typically when you apply for a job you can expect your competition to share similar skills, education and experiences as yourself. This is why you need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you not only possess the right skills, and that you are also the right fit for the company.

What Is Your Mentoring Style?

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, 82% of female professionals agreed that mentoring is important. A mentor-mentee relationship can help both parties develop their careers and learn from one another, and-for the mentee especially-it may be the turning point in their career. However, nearly 1 out of 5 women have admitted that they have never had a mentor. Of those, more than half said that the reason they never had a mentor is because they haven’t met the right person.

Learning at Work

Learning at work: we do it all the time without thinking about it, but how many of us make an effort to learn something new about the business that we work for? We want to get ahead where we work, but we think the only way of doing this is to work hard and brown-nose your boss. I am going to talk about a different way of going about moving up and learning more to make you a well rounded employee in the process.

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