How Much Does OurHalfAcreHomestead Make on YouTube

Questions to Ponder About Becoming an Exotic Dancer Stripper

Are you thinking about quitting your job to become a stripper? Do you wonder what the average stripper salary is? Lately we have been getting a lot of girls asking us for advice on getting started as an exotic dancer. Many of the taboos have shifted slightly and it is becoming a much more accepted way for a woman to make an extraordinary living, given the right tools

Does at Home Video Game Testing Exist? Become an at Home Video Game Tester!

Testing video games from the comfort of your own home and making money for it is something that sounds impossible, or at the least, improbable. This article will give you an overview on why it is possible to get video game tester jobs that you can perform from the comfort of your own home, and how you can secure them!

Job Titles – What’s in a Name?

When you are looking for a new job, what are the most important factors in selecting suitable roles? Is it the company, the responsibilities of the job, the company culture, the pay or is it the job title?

Make the Jump From Paramedic to RN

To be responsible for someone else’s life is never an easy task. Being in an emergency situation when someone else’s life is in your hands is pretty scary and it is a lot of pressure. It is usually a call for initiative and if you panic, you really can’t do it. Paramedic teams handle these sorts of scenarios regularly. Talk about heroism!

Offshore Jobs – Learning What to Expect When Looking!

Offshore Jobs has a nice ring when we hear it being said. It comes with a certain amount of a preconceived meanings to almost everyone and do we really know what it entails. Would you like to learn more about the possibilities in this field and the future it holds then I suggest you read this article.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Boss Take Control of Your Career

Many times we let our superiors at work make very important decisions about our life. It is not only our career, it is our life. The question that we can ask ourselves is: are those people who are guiding our career, the most capable and truly skilled people to guide us? Were they promoted because they were the best people for the job, or just simply the most politically savvy and popular? Can we trust them with our life? I bet in many instances our answer will be negative.

How to Ensure Freelance Success

More people are considering getting into freelancing as it looks as if you can make lots more money as compared to working for someone else. Also, there is the much touted advantage of being your own boss and working at your chosen hours. But seriously, what does it take for freelance success?

4 Easy Steps to Plan Activities at Work

To get ahead at the workplace or stimulate an exciting workplace, you may need to do something that is not entirely related to work. Organizing a successful activity or trip can lead you to many places. It can boost the morale and productivity of the employees, or it can get you the attention of your bosses as a person of leadership and initiative. This will show that you have all key qualities of a good employee or boss.

Do You Feel Battered, Yet Resilient?

If you answered “YES,” you are not alone. According to The McKinsey Quarterly Economic Snapshot, 42% of executives picked this description to describe their feelings regarding the global economy.

What Are Fields That Physicians Assistants Can Work In?

As a physician assistant (PA), your profession is distinct from the task of medical assistant because you do perform examination, provide diagnosis and treatment planning under a physicians’ direction plus assisting in surgeries.Ever wonder what are the fields’ that physician assistants could work in? Common knowledge would get you to the answers of private offices or clinics. These are categorized as primary health care environments. It could be general medicine or specialty like pediatrics and oncology which varies with the physician you are attached to.

Career Change at 40 – Turning Your Hobby Into a Career

When you want a career change at 40, you want to move to something you enjoy and so the ideal of turning a hobby into a career is very appealing. But is this a realistic possibility or just a pipe dream?

Career Change at 40 – Figure Out Your Transferable Skills

If you are considering a career change at 40, one of your most important assets is the skill you have acquired in 40 years of life experience. However, many people do not recognize the fact that they have skills, many of which are transferable, that is, can be used in many different work situations.

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