How Much Does Overstay Road Make On Youtube

Becoming a Lifeguard

Have you ever considered becoming a lifeguard? It looks like fun, right? You get to hang out at the beach or pool all day, get a sun tan and while away the afternoon, right?

Management Studies in India – Best Institutes to Study

There are increasing numbers of students who are going for the management courses today because these are exceptionally high in demand. It is also because of this reason that many management colleges have opened up in India from where the students can take their courses and find good jobs in the market.

Management Studies Degree Jobs

Currently, the management studies have received lots of importance and preferences, and are given high values in the job market. There are many big companies and business concerns that prefer students with a degree of management.

Resume Cover Letter Examples

Resume Cover Letter Examples are easily found over the internet. But you need to look for the ones that suit your needs best. Obviously there are certain cover letters more compelling than others. Here I would like to share some of the examples that are generally pleasing. Before doing so, I would like to share some of the basics of a good resume cover letter.

Lifeguard – Is It a Fun Job?

What’s your idea of a fun job? Is it being a lifeguard? Do you think it’s all just fun in the sun?

Say Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Boss

If you hum on your way to work, then you’re one of the 45% of workers that love your job. If not, then read this article to learn the factors that will make you want to skip to work.

Tips on How to Use an Internship to Improve Your Resume and Career Development

What are the do’s and don’ts regarding internships for college students? Mainly, if you do and internship you’ll have more success at the beginning of your career and for many years to come.

How to Improve My Sales Resume: Best Tips for Resume Sales Accomplishments

What are the best ingredients for your sales resume? Accomplishments, successes, and achievements. This is not the time to be modest. You need to convince a potential employer that you make a difference.

From Hybrid Careers to Other Real-Life Career Options for Renaissance Personalities

In this week’s column “J.T. and Dale Talk Jobs,” J.T. referenced yours truly when answering a reader’s question about the right career path for him. J.T. suggested the reader might be, what I call, a Renaissance Personality, and mentioned a hybrid career to him; basically two separate careers, simultaneously.

Unusual But Essential: Become A Commercial Wig-Maker

Few jobs seem as inaccessible and mysterious as that of the professional wig-maker. Yet, strange as the job may sound, it is actually an important and central part of many industries, and every year many people train to become a wig maker – a job which also entails making beards and toupees, and requires a degree of technical knowledge that is usually learned through a combination of formal learning and on-the-job-training.

Business Leadership Strategies: No Band – Aids Please

“I can’t work with him!” she was adamant when she went to her boss. “He is the most arrogant, selfish person I have ever met.”

How To Become A Website Designer

If you spend hours admiring graphics and exploring the designs of websites on the internet, you may be just the right material to become a website designer. Most web designers have a creative bent – a quality they hone with experience and self-study. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on your career path as a website designer.

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