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Communicating Bad News – How to Tell Your Family That You’re Losing Your Job, (It May Be Good News)

One of the most difficult tasks that anyone can ever undertake is breaking bad news especially when that involves telling your family that you are going to lose your job. There is never a good time to break bad news however, doing it in the right way can minimise the upset and even enable you to present it in a positive way.

8 Tips on How to Position Keywords on Resumes and Where to Find Them

A keyword is a term that indicates that your skills, talents and experiences can help add value, meet goals and enhance productivity for a corporation who are seeking to hire staff. Keywords can also be defined as phrases that are used by recruiters to search databases for resumes that match position requirements.

Preparing for Job Interviews – Get SMART!

How do you best deliver your key messages at a job interview? The answer is to get SMART, and here is how you do it.

3 Ways to Positively Love Your Work

Remember the saying, “Do what you love and love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life?” Sounds great, but how do you do that?

Thinking of Switching Careers? A Cautionary Tale

My story of attempting to switch careers, barely 4 years out of university. From engineering into the unknown.

Are Recruiters A Necessary Evil In A Job Hunt?

Recruiters can make or break a job hunt. However. sometimes finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Early in my job search, I have two different experiences that lead me to wonder just how good are headhunters in a job search. How can I get them to work for me.

Work Wanted! Take a New Approach to Your Job Search

The age of the permanent contract, landing a job directly after uni, or the sigh of relief after breezing your way through only one interview before getting hired, now seems like a distant dream. Everything we took for granted, is no longer a reality as the recession continues to tighten its grip on Europe. As the job market becomes an ever increasing stack of CVs and applications we ask, what is the best way to stand out from the crowd?

Top Jobs in the Aviation Industry

A career in aviation doesn’t just include manning the cockpit. Although becoming a pilot is a popular and rewarding vocation, there are numerous and varied career paths for anyone interested in working in the flight industry, from business management to engineering and customer service. And, thankfully, you don’t always need a head for heights to work in this field.

Why You Should Not Underestimate the Importance of HR Manager

Usually the first step of a job interview is conducted by a human resource manager, which is under-estimated by most of the job searchers and therefore most of the people are not successful in their interviews. Most of the time people think they are smart enough to confuse HR personnel and therefore would figure out a way to pass the test, which no doubt is a wrong approach.

Why Do We Need to Be Better Communicators to Grow Our Career?

The need to be a good communicator is an important quality to develop if you want to be successful in your career. There is no better way to get people to notice your capability to contribute to the value of the organization then you being able to message your solutions directly to the business stakeholders. There are too many instances in the workplace in which people that have the knowledge and skills to do the work but sit idly behind an effective communicator who takes center stage to take credit for the solution that you provided. If this has ever happened to you then it really is in your best interest to fix the problem and develop your communication skills.

Why Is It So Important to Ask the Right Questions?

Why do we need to be good at asking questions? What are The Right Questions? Evidence shows that people who are successful in business, problem solving and decision making are able to ask good questions and more effectively analyse the data that is presented to them.

Make Your Resume Killer-Proof

How to avoid mistakes that fold your resume into a paper airplane and get them shot out of the search. The job market world is awash with resumes. You can’t afford to accidentally get yours shot down in flames.

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