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I Hate Being a Lawyer – How to Successfully Transition Out of Law and Into the Career of Your Dreams

As an Executive Management consultant and former litigator, I have worked with thousands of attorneys of all levels and fields. I have found that for most people the depression stems from the grind and monotony.

Medical Transcriptionists Are Documenting Doctor’s Clinic Visits and Procedures

Medical recruitment is a process of hiring skilled and educated personnel to perform functions and responsibilities in health related industry. Medical recruitment is a method of employing able and learned staff to operate in functions and responsibilities in an industry related to health.

Some Possible Careers in Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic nowadays becomes one of the fastest ways in transferring data in a network. Mostly, this certain cable is used in several different kinds of network applications such as broadband internet access. However, some high-definition televisions also need this certain cable to support its performance. Due to the importance of this certain cable to some different systems, surely you can build your career on some technologies that uses fiber optic cable as the supporting supply. Here are some kinds of possible careers that you could build based on this technology.

Soft Is The New Hard

I grew up in the training industry and remember people talking about the management and leadership development that we were doing as “soft skills.” There weren’t really very well respected. The cache was with the “hard skills” – those that could be more easily measured and discussed in monetary terms. Those hard skills were easier to deal with and training around them was much easier to sell. Information technology departments got huge training budgets while leadership development departments limped along with a very small fraction for the training dollars spent by a company.

A Primer on Operations Management

Operations management is a business arena that deals with efficient management of business operations, primarily that of production of goods and services. It deals with accurate handling of the different vital processes that convert materials into finished goods. As we know, here operations refer to the process of producing goods and distributing them and thus operations management aims to optimize these activities so that production and distribution goals can be achieved so that sales targets can be attained in the desired timeframe.

Nursing Leadership: The Most Sought After Trait

Nursing leadership is the trait that helps a nurse to inspire others to work and achieve the goals set out in patient care and brings about patient well being. It is basically a combination of several personality traits, administrative skills and also inherent nursing talents. As a leader, the nurse must exhibit qualities of energy, optimism, courage, perseverance, integrity and ability to handle stress in almost every practical situation.

How To Become a Chiropractor

If you’re interested in becoming a chiropractor, then you must pursue the steps it takes to get there. These steps include chiropractic school, internships, licensing and practicing.

Making Training Stick

Are you struggling with the on going issue of how to make your training dollars go farther? Research shows that training alone produces somewhere between 13 and 22% learning retention but when combined with coaching, retention escalates to 78-87%. That is an amazing statistic. What is it about coaching that could possibly make that much difference in retention? What is it about going back into the workplace from a training session that results in loss of retention? These are very important questions because they greatly impact the ROI of training. If a company can increase ROI through adding coaching to training it will be a win-win for employees and the company.

Top Ten Healthcare Careers for the New Decade

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare was the second largest industry in 2008- employing a staggering 14.3 million workers. By 2018, healthcare is expected to be the largest industry in the nation and with an anticipated 22% growth rate and a projected 3.2 million new jobs, it’s easy to see why. With online courses offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it’s easy for potential students who may already have a job or various other responsibilities to earn a healthcare degree and take advantage of one of the 3.2 million job openings in the nation’s fastest growing field.

Business Designation – Best Online Courses for Professionals

Whether you are considering a career change entirely, or if you are more interested in gaining extra credentials that could help you to stand out in a competitive job market, it might be a good idea to consider online course work that will give you added credentials. There is a wide variety of different business designation options that can be studied online, for example, ranging from accounting to marketing courses. These can be completed from the comfort of your own home, to allow you to continue with your current job while studying to enhance your skill set for a possible future move.

Small Business Coach Training – Help for Small Businesses

Small businesses are different from large ones. The solo entrepreneur will encounter very unique struggles compared to CEO’s of large corporations. Though there are similarities in the business world, the planning and day-to-day operations in business vary according to the size of the company. Small business coach training focuses on the needs of small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. These training courses give their students the knowledge and skills needed to assess smaller companies, inspire the leaders and make suggestions for increasing efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, profitability.

Business Designations – Learning More About Business Techniques

Although many students will major in a general business degree, anyone who has taken business courses will realize that this is an extraordinarily broad term. At some point throughout your studies, you will be required to choose from a variety of specific business designations, in most cases. If you are currently unsure about what field you want to ultimately go into, or are considering a career change, you will want to carefully weigh all the options before looking into extra training courses to learn more. Some examples of specific designations include accounting, marketing, public relations, business development, or purchasing management.

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