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The Next American Dream

Times are changing. It is not the world that our parents and grandparents knew. This is true in many aspects of life. Everything from television and clothing to business has made some dramatic changes over the years. It is time to move forward, and look to achieve The Next American Dream.

Seven Signs You Are Ready For a Career Makeover

Most of us at one time or another feel we are ready for a move or change with our career. The signs show up in different ways for each of us, based on where we are, what else is going on in our lives and what we want for ourselves. Here are some signs that it may be that time for you:

You Need to Remember Names

Remembering names can change your life. There are tricks to the trade – and you have to learn them!

Before You Ask For a Raise

Do you deserve a raise at work? When was the last time you had a raise? Before asking for more money as yourself the question. Do I deserve a raise?

Nursing Jobs, Are They Abundant?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! In fact nursing jobs are so abundant in the United States that the positions are sometimes being filled by suitably qualified individuals from other countries.

Office Etiquette – 5 Ways to Tick Off Your Co-Workers

Life in an office means working closely with other people. Following these 5 rules will help keep things civilized in the work place. Break them at your peril!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being a Freelance Provider

In response to economic and technological changes, advanced workers and many U.S. and European employers are now seeking for employment alternative. As a result, they are creating more opportunities for independent contractors or freelance worker than ever before.

7 Ways to Succeed With Dysfunctional People

if we’re not mindful, we can find ourselves doing exactly the thing we hate that they do. They don’t listen and we find ourselves jumping in and not listening. They scream and we end up yelling back. They lie to us and we lie back to them and to others. We become the thing we despise and don’t even notice it. Here are 7 ways for leaders to be effective with dysfunctional people in business:

An Inside Look at Home Care Nurses

One time in our lives that we all fear, is having to place a parent or loved one in a nursing home when they reach the age when they can no longer be independent and take care of their own daily needs. Unfortunately, this time comes for most children, at some point in their adult lives.

Types of Writing Jobs

Some people aspire to a career in writing. After all, writing careers enable for creativity and self expression, and give you opportunities to investigation and write about points that appeal to you. Some people also like the idea of the flexibility that comes using a writing career. Below are a few various kinds of writing careers that may interest you if you’re thinking about writing to get a residing.

Home Care Nursing – Promising Careers in Healthcare

The demand for registered nurses continues to skyrocket despite the difficult economic times in the United States. This is due to a steady climb in the average age of our population.

Anyone Trying to Find a Brand New Job For the Joy of it, Look at a Handyman Business Now

Retired and now its costing you everything you’ve in social security just to get by? Possibly you were a computer programmer in the early part of the millennium and now you cannot get a job within the printer room. Or, possibly you are just out of college with that accounting degree, but all of the accounting in your neighborhood is becoming done overseas. Previous call center operator?

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