How Much Does Pantons Squad Make On YouTube

NVQs – What Should I Add Into My Portfolio/EPortfolio?

When taking an NVQ course, it’s important that all achievements are logged so all evidence of tasks performed is kept in one place. Be careful not to add irrelevant information. This article should help with essentials for your portfolio.

Information On Bookkeeper Job Description

The bookkeeper job description involves calculating company expenses, the filing of receipts, recording of both payable and receivable accounts, and the preparation of financial statements that reflect the profits and losses. Among several job descriptions, the profession requires being computer literate. Bookkeepers gather their knowledge of the job through education and experience earned by being an apprentice before moving on to being a professional in the field.

Moving Through Change With Ease and Grace

Are you in transition? Recently, I attended a professional meeting and fully a third of the attendees identified themselves as “in transition.” They meant that they are in between jobs. Yet, the other attendees could also identify themselves as “in transition” since we are all in the midst of a larger “Transition” from the old paradigm economy to a new one. It can be challenging to remember our gifts and strengths during this transition.

Build a Successful Freelance Career

Building a freelance career can provide you with more freedom, extra cash and the ability to enjoy what your passion. Once you’ve decided to start a freelance career, the next is to start getting more business. Not sure how to do this or how to make your career successful? There are a few steps you can follow that will help you build your business.

Why Some Get Blacklisted From Recruiting Firms

Want to use a recruiter for your job search? That’s great, though going this route will prove frustrating in many circumstances for many job seekers because most job seekers are never going to get a response. Why the lack of response?

Different Locksmith Trainings in NYC

This article will present different places in New York City where you can learn how to become a locksmith. Or, if you are already a locksmith, where you can refresh your knowledge.

All You Need to Know About a Career in Personal Styling

Although the basic task of a personal stylist is to help people dress more fashionably, personal stylists are expected to complete a wide range of tasks that include producing creative design solutions, setting meetings with various people such as PR representatives and keeping a track of the changing fashion trends. In addition, people who specialize in personal styling have to ensure that their client’s look their best at all times by taking care of their wardrobes.

Media Internship For Integrating Your Career Prospects

Media internship is gaining a lot of competitiveness in the media job market. It is the first thing that most of the employers look for in order to acquire worthy job in the field of media. Media internship refers to an opportunity of integrating the career related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in a planned and supervised work.

How to Change Jobs

To move on and change jobs you need to detach yourself from your existing job. The more emotionally attached you are to your role, your environment and its traits the more difficult it is to move forward. This emotional baggage is like heavy weights on your shoulder which can paralyse you from making a decision.

Work’s Irresistible Ingredient: Part 4

We can infuse love into any job when we give others counsel, time, and instruction. A thoughtful input or response shows that we value the individual and care about his or her need. One of the most powerful love practices at work is the pause, making time to be fully present with another person. Love is also demonstrated by instructing someone else with gentleness, discernment, and selflessness.

How To Get A Bartending Job Without Actual Bartending Experience

This article is for people who want to move up to bartending but have no experience behind the bar. People that have worked or are working in the hospitality industry but just have no experience as a bartender. People who have worked as a host, barback or server – and think bartending is a better gig. Learn what bar managers and bar owners want to hear and how to move up the industry ladder with these helpful tips and strategies.

Do You Want To Be A Personal Trainer?

Have you always wanted to work in a career you would enjoy? Do you regularly attend the gym and live a healthy lifestyle? Becoming a personal trainer is an obvious choice for multiple people, and it is a career they would all love.

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