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Your Words Are Meaningless If Others Cannot Hear You

When it comes to the voice, one of the most common issues is that of being soft-spoken. If others cannot hear you, then your words are irrelevant. Unfortunately, those who are soft-spoken may find it harder to get a job or a promotion because the image they are projecting is not one of confidence but instead one of insecurity or shyness.

How to Succeed in Your Newly Chosen Dream Career

This article assumes that you have gone through a process of identifying your ideal career and you have now embarked on making a success out of it! So, here you are. You have found your dream career. You are fully determined to succeed-preferably to succeed fast. But how can you succeed quickly, especially if your chosen career is in a completely new field? Here are a few tips that will help you along (and remember you are taking inspired action towards your success every single day):

The Declining Middle Class and Its Jobs

Reasons for the decline of the middle class in America are explored. An appeal is made to save and/or replace lost middle class employment.

I Want To Pay A Headhunter To Find Me A Job – Three Ways To Not Look Foolish.

Even C-Level job seekers think it’s possible to pay a recruiting firm to find them a job. Some multi-purpose headhunter will accept money to coach, tweak a resume, or interviewing training. Reputable ones will not accept money in exchange for finding you a job.

Finding a New Job for a New Career

Are you tired of the same old desk job, shuffling papers to make someone else rich? Ready to make a huge change that will get you a big payback? Have you always had a dream, but never thought it possible?

The Sometimes Reality of the Internet While You Are Looking For a Job or New Career

When you are searching for potential jobs or new career opportunities on the internet, be careful. As powerful a tool as the computer can be, it can also lead you very much astray and cause more problems than it solves. Read the following carefully so that you don’t get lost along the way.

Better Interview Preparation: 1 – Preparing Your Answers

We bang on about better interview preparation a lot, so we decided to write a series covering exactly how to go about preparing thoroughly for an interview. This is the first in the series and we’re talking about preparing your answers for interview.

3 Simple Tips For Oldie Newbies In Internet Marketing

As an oldie newbie in internet marketing I have made some mistakes. Let me change that. I have made a lot of mistakes. I would like to inform other oldie newbies of my three basic tips for getting your feet in the starters blocks.

Professional Careers With the Best Potential For Advancement

There are several careers which offer great growth opportunities for people who are looking to achieve their career ambitions. If you are just starting to enter the job market or if you are looking to change careers then we have provided some excellent choices to help you with your information gathering. We want you to do your research and check different resources because your career is important. The best advice that we can give you is not to jump into a new career path on a whim but based on solid data.

Is Dagwood Right?

Dagwood is often viewed as an uncommitted employee who goofs off, frequently messing up and holds onto his job working for Mr. Bumstead by the thinnest thread. Are there secrets to success hidden in Dagwood’s behavior?

Seven Steps To Take When You Lose Your Job

If you have recently lost your job please don’t take it personally. How else are you supposed to take it you might ask? Well the first thing to do is to take stock and remember to tell your spouse, partner or best friend. We have heard horrific stories about people who have acted as if nothing were any different. They get up at the same time, but instead of going to the office, they may go for coffee, then hit the library or the local networking group, all the while not having come clean with themselves let alone others.

Real World Benefits of Greek Life

A quick look at why joining a sorority or fraternity in college is a good move for your future. Greek life is more than just parties, it prepares you for the real world.

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