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Career Planning – The Road to Professional Success

Career Planning is the best way to augment a person’s professional roadmap. Looking into his/her past achievements and reflecting on the various successes and failures, the person can assess the correct career path for him/her.

A Positive Attitude is Key to Successful Career Transitions

Fire and rescue departments nationwide suggest that we remember to change the batteries in our smoke detectors when we adjust our clocks in the spring and fall each year. In keeping with that tradition, November, which is National Career Development month is a good time to check your attitude towards your current job and career.

Career Advice For New Graduates

New graduates often need some career advice to get them started on the right career path, and to land that all-important first job. We’ll present three of the best tips for landing a good job and building a career.

Business Education – Start your Career Planning Early

Starting out in a business career is easy. Start early, and keep your eyes and ears open. How about the lemonade stand when you were 11? Or cutting lawns when you were 14? Or the baby sitting jobs? All are basic training for a career in business. How you leverage this experience will go a long way to business success.

Career Development – Is Online Learning the Answer?

As the famous urban philosopher, Woody Allen once said, “90% of success is showing up.” Nothing is truer than in the field of learning. And the fastest growing learning vehicle is online learning. Online learning is a favorite option for working adults who are interested in furthering and developing their careers. Find out how to get started and advance your career development plan.

Be Your Own Boss – Career Planning For Baby Boomers

A large, and growing, number of baby boomers are happily abandoning traditional post retirement employment in favor of being self-employed. This growing breed of proactive baby boomers figures that they are too young to retire completely, and have started their own businesses, and have dived bravely into new fields of work. And all this, a time of life when other employed people begin to think, quite longingly, about retirement.

Improve Your Reading Skills – The Secret to Career Success

Your long term career development will be the sum of your reading over the next five years, and the five years after that. Who knows after ten years someone may develop an implanted chip that will substitute for reading. But for now, reading is the name of the game. After five years don’t be the person known for eating 2114 Krispy Kreme donuts and reading two books and one had a lot of pictures. Here’s some tips to get you started on your career development reading plan.

Tempted by Oceans of Opportunity – How to Make Wise Career and Business Choices

Choosing our next steps for a business or career change can be a lot like choosing which ski trails to take as we navigate down a mountain. Which path down is a green slope also known as comfort zone, and which is the black diamond trail of foolishness or outlandish risk? What are some key points to consider in order to choose the BEST opportunities for your career or business?

St. Louis Career Coach Speaks About Finding Your Coaching Support System

Choosing a Career Coach is no different in St. Louis than in surrounding cities. The key is do they provide guidance with lasting results! Learn how coaches and personal trainers have a lot in common. Learn more than just tactical approaches to solving your career pain.

Career Planning – The Key to Your Future

The biggest mistake most make in their careers? Many times the individual will fit themselves into a job rather than finding a job or career that fits them and subsequently fits into their lives. Here’s some additional ideas to point you in the right direction in your career selection and planning.

Your Dream Job Requires Sharp Focus

Sounds kind of like a dream job, doesn’t it? Getting paid to simply read aloud; to talk… And, we’re not even referring to the most dreaded of all (for many) “public speaking” format. Voice-over artists usually speak in an empty, sound-baffled room. So… how is it that one “good” voice resonates above the rest?

Career Planning – Are You Following a Planned Career Path or Simply a Series of Jobs?

Career planning is an ongoing process. Learn how to develop a career plan, in each of three phases of an individual’s working life, especially after age 50, and what information is needed to keep your career progressing toward your goals.

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