How Much Does Patty Mayo Make on YouTube

Visiting Job Sites To Obtain Careers

When looking at new careers, visiting job sites should always be an option for prospective employees. There are many careers out there for the taking, and showing up at job sites can help to give a great first impression when dropping off a resume or application.

Time Management For A Better Job

People say time is money, Do you disagree with them? Time is more precious than money. This is because time is an non renewable commodity. This becomes all the more important to know about time management and correcting certain behaviors which would help us save time. This is exactly what this article will tell us.

The $2,000 Weekly Paycheck – How to Get Your Company to Pay You Six-Figures

Even though everybody wants to make over $100,000 few actually prove that they are worth this figure. In the article, I discuss a few ways to ensure that your employer knows that you are worth this amount and that you get paid this amount.

Boost Your Resume for Career Success

The United States and the rest of the world has been in a recession since 2008. The crisis started with banks underwriting high risk loans to people who really shouldn’t be homeowners because of their bad credit. Many of these people defaulted therefore causing banks to lose a ton of money. In this article, I will show you how to boost your resume despite the bad economy.

Outlook For Physician Assistant Jobs

The economy is struggling with no end in sight and we are witnessing record unemployment numbers. People who have stable careers are very thankful and some even see the career options growing. Physician assistant jobs fall into that lucky category, with employment being expected to grow much faster than the nationwide average.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary – How To Easily Increase It

Since the documents that a medical transcriptionist produces will be turned into a patient’s permanent records, utmost care should be observed when transcribing the physician or other health professionals’ recorded dictations regarding the patients’ medical reports, such as emergency room visits, operations, cart reviews, diagnostic imaging studies, and final summaries…

The 5 Keys to Get Your Customers Raving About You

The 5 Keys to Get Your Customers Raving About You Reality- check your business: How strong are your relationships? Are you looking after your customers and prospects? Here are 5 easy and practical tips for you on how to improve your relationships with your customers in an instant.

Hot Air Ballooning Tricks for Your Business

When doing something new, business owners often focus on what they don’t want to happen instead of what they want to achieve. Change this focus and you will immediately attract more of what you want. At the same time, the longer you have a go at something, the better and more relaxed you become. Suddenly something that seemed ‘scary’ becomes normal in your business and you do it without even thinking about it.

Grow Your Business and Attract More Clients Now

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ A couple of weeks ago I watched Tim Burton’s new movie Alice in Wonderland and I would like to share some inspiring quotes with you as they apply very much to business and personal life.

Make More of You – More Clients for Your Small Business

More of You – A couple of nights ago I went out with some friends and I realized how so many people are trying very hard to be somebody they are not only to please or impress. (Ok, I don’t analyse everything, but this time it was so bloody obvious to me that I had to notice it). How often do you find yourself trying to be something or someone you are not?

The Right Ingredients to Make Your Presentations a Success

A bit of ginger, a tip of cinnamon, half a cup of sugar, 3 cups of flour… not sure what you get, but sounds pretty good (could almost be ginger bread). When you bake something you need to combine different ingredients and flavours to get a great result, the same applies to your presentations.

More Waves for Your Business – More Clients for Your Small Business

A couple of years ago I started to learn how to surf and wow, what a journey. After lots of bruises, a broken foot and scars I am more passionate than ever. You might wonder why I talk about surfing and the reason is that there are many parallels between surfing and managing a business.

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