How Much Does Paula Deen Make on YouTube

Get Out of Your Career Rut

Are you not making changes in your job right now due to increasing uncertainty about work? Do you want to do something different but don’t think you have the confidence to take the next step? Do you want to take your business to the next level but don’t feel very brave?

Could You Really Become a Trainee Solicitor?

Want to help people? Got an analytical mind? Want a fantastic career in the legal profession? Want to become a solicitor? Find out if you really could be a solicitor.

Where to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Whether you are just out of school or simply feeling ready for something new, good graphic design jobs abound. We’re living in a visual society; most of us spend hours on the internet perusing site after site. Every one of these sites has visuals, and those visuals were designed by someone. That someone could be you. And even though you don’t want to explore graphic design jobs centered around the internet, there are so a number of other areas, packaging, print design, advertising, marketing and within all of these areas there are graphic design jobs that you may be in a position to fill.

High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

In this economy there is almost no such thing as job security. With or without a college degree finding steady full time employment is challenging to say the least. In this brief article we will discuss how to find a high paying job as well as some profitable alternatives.

Are You Being Forced to Change Your Career?

Some of us are losing or switching careers, whether we want to or not. This economy has damaged many businesses, forcing them to remove positions and let people go to cut costs. You may find that you are over-qualified for your new position.

Top 10 Criminal Justice Careers

There are different sources that have different ways of determining what the top 10 criminal justice degrees are. Some people say the top 10 criminal justice degrees are the ones for careers that have the best growth potential, while others say the top careers are those that are most in demand.

What Do You Really Want – A Job Or a “Calling”?

Knowing what you want in your life and career is the most important step to achieving it. So what do you want – a job or a “calling,” and are you prepared to get it?

What’s Worse For Your Career Than Spitting in the CEO’s Coffee?

Most people will tell you that the opposite of love is hate but they’re wrong. Both love and hate require strong emotions – an investment of energy and passion either for or against a particular thing.

Live Event Jobs – The Perfect Occupation For the Life of the Party

For people who truly enjoy being in the spot light, or right in the middle of all the action, live event jobs might be your calling. These are jobs for people who like to entertain the public or be involved with entertainment events.

Poker Employment – An Interesting Way to Make Money From Poker

Poker is an obsessive card game pursed by many. Despite being an obsession, it can generate good bucks for you and make you employed.

Your Main Purpose As a Wedding Planner

Most people rely on movies like “The Wedding Planner” to form their definition of a typical wedding planner. For the most part, J.Lo as a headset wearing ”star of the show” is fantasy when it comes to being a wedding planner.

Become a Top Wedding Planner – 7 Ways to Prevent Burnout When Starting a Wedding Planning Business

If you are a new wedding planner, you must be careful that you don’t get burned out as you are striving to start a successful wedding planning business. This article will tell you 7 things to do to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

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