How Much Does Paulina Del Campo Make on YouTube

Making an Interactive Interview a Better Experience

Not all interviews have to be the boring events where everyone sits around answering questions. The interactive interview is one that is gaining popularity in a number of smaller businesses that focus more heavily on company culture. If you decide that you want to develop an interactive interview, you need to make sure that you prepare for it appropriately.

Should You Worry If the Briggs Myers Personality Tests Say You Have Some Challenges?

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance about personality tests and how they revealed things we probably didn’t want to discuss, but were most likely important to help better ourselves. I suppose anyone taking a psychology course in college has encountered such a thing, and it gives way to introspective thinking – looking in our own mirrors, that is a good thing right? Sure it is, but let’s talk about that and your career for a moment if we might.

The Value Of Conversation In Building A Team

Effective teams don’t happen overnight. In the beginning they are collections of individuals, each with their own expertise, opinions, and aspirations. With focused attention on communication, that collection of individuals can become a high functioning team. The important question is: What type of communication? Interestingly the real key in building effective teams is simply having conversations. And there’s scientific proof! Alex “Sandy” Pentland, the director of MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory wrote a great article in April, 2012, featured in the Harvard Business Review, about the new science of building great teams. His research reveals some interesting and surprising results.

7 Essential Tips for Becoming a Web Designer

While there are plenty of available classes to take for becoming a web designer, there is an option that involves self-teaching the fundamentals of web design. When you have learned these, you can decide to continue your education by taking formal lessons. In order to become a web designer, here are some things that you must know.

Update Your Resume or You? 3 Things To Do Before You Miss International Update Your Resume Month

Schedule your resume update anytime. You don’t have to wait for September’s International Update Your Resume month. Before you do that, this article recommends you regularly update your identity, your neglected LinkedIn profile, and your connections. You are your resume.

Should You Get a Degree, a Corporate Job and Turn Over Your Destiny to a Manager?

Indeed, I remember quite well my career guidance counselor attempting to tell me that I wasn’t cut out to do what I had in mind. I told her she was stupid, and for her to leave me alone. I told my parents I wasn’t interested in anything she had to say ever again, and my parents backed me up. Interestingly enough over the years I’ve heard many people say they had similar bad experiences with their career guidance counselors. Perhaps, in hindsight it is safe to say they had no idea whatsoever in suggesting careers to students. Let’s talk.

How To Become A PI

Are you considering becoming a private Investigator just because it does appear to be the perfect job for the nosey among us? Be honest with yourself, (it’s a skill you need to develop for the job anyway) because if that’s the real reason you are making this choice, then it’s probably not the job for you.

Eye Care Career Options Comparison

Individuals who work in the eye care industry have a few important career options available to them. When deciding which path to take, it is useful to evaluate the education, training, and certification requirements for an optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist, and optical assistant. Understanding each of these options will lead to a more informed career choice and a more satisfying job.

9 Reasons Why You Should Become a Dog Walker

Tired of sitting in front of the computer everyday dealing with unhappy clients on the phone, while your bosses keep on finding things for you to do, AND reasons not to raise your pay? If you are feeling this way, maybe it’s time for a change. Here are 9 good reasons why you should consider becoming a dog walker. Find out what it is like to be a dog walker and whether this is a good, practical option for you.

How You Can Become a Professional Hair Stylist

If you want to pursue a career as a professional hair stylist, you need to be trained in cosmetology so that you will be prepared to get a license. Doing hair for your family and friends will not give you the needed experience to get hired as a stylist as you need to be licensed before you can practice legally.

Six Steps to a Career in Computer Science

Regardless of economic conditions, computer scientists are always in high demand. Find out what it takes to break into the business and maintain a high salary throughout your career.

Are Creative Resumes Worth Stepping Outside the Box?

Conduct a simple web search for “creative resumes” and there will be plenty of results showing artistic, innovative, creative designs while still retaining the components of a resume. As beautiful as “risky resumes” are, will they actually help their designer land an interview, better yet a job?

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