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Five Easy Steps to Repurpose Your Skills For a New Career

Ready for a new career? Whether you’re re-entering, moving up or moving on, knowing how to repurpose your skills can open new doors. What do you already know that you’re not showcasing?

Is Landscape Designer a Lucrative Career?

According to the statistics from US Bureau of Labor, landscape designer has been identified as one of the fast growing professions as well as one of the best jobs among Americans. The main reason that contributes to the popularity of this chartered profession is it’s attractive salary. Let’s see how this profession can be considered as a lucrative career.

Career Advice – How to Win the Chase For a Job

No matter how you look at it, hunting for a job is hard work. In fact, there’s nothing easy about it, particularly in troubled times. There is never a smooth path between effort and reward. Setbacks and frustration are the order of the day. Success requires discipline, consistency of effort, energy and a big dose of positive thinking.

Rediscover Yourself With a Mid Life Career Change

If you want to feel excited and passionate about your job after spending years in a monotonous work environment, then mid life career change can be both rewarding as well as meaningful. A career change around 50s can be helpful in finding the work that inspires you to utilize your hidden and natural strengths and talents.

How to Find a Job During the Recession

So you’re out of work in these troubling times and you need to find a job PRONTO. What to do?

Welcome to the New Normal – Excitement, Challenge, Collaboration, and New Hustles

Career and Business Advice about partnering in Today’s economic climate. Also advice on Networking, Social Networking, and tools to use in today’s economy.

The Paralegal Profession

The paralegal profession could just be your stepping stone to a better life. For instance, it could prepare you for admission into the law school. There are lots of other benefits such as different specialization courses and certifications, any of which can make you an expert in a particular area of law.

Those Big Little Extras – Ask For More

As you negotiate your package in your next position take into account that there may be additional options beyond traditional salary, health and welfare and performance components. We are now going to look at the other potential items that can be negotiated at this time, after all this moment is your strongest opportunity. With all these items please check with a taxation specialist before making any decisions.

Avoid These 10 Biggest Interview Mistakes!

We have compiled the 10 biggest interview mistakes into one simple list. This list will tell you exactly what not to do, so that your hiring manager or interviewer will get the best impression of you possible.

Summer Job Search Strategies

Having trouble staying on track with your job search during the summer? Here are three tips to help you get reemployed faster.

Career Relocation – Making the Most of an Unplanned Move

How to decide if a career-related move is for you, and advice if you decide to go through with it. Whether you are a family of one or a family with three children and a dog, moves are hard on everyone. Before you make any decisions, be sure to think it through, and really make sure whatever you decide is the right decision for you!

Career Goals Challenged? Staying Goal-Oriented in These Tough Times

Why you should always set goals for yourself to achieve. Even in a declining economy one should always be focusing on the future rather than on the “now”. With a little advanced planning and goal setting, you can be well on your way to better days.

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