How Much Does penguinsix Make on YouTube

Unemployed Construction Workers Find Green Jobs

While others are looking at a bad economy and a horrible real estate market, there is a silver lining for those who determine to retool their skills. The massive slow down in construction seems to have slammed the door on the construction business, but there is another door that has just opened very wide.

Career Options in 2011

“Careers Options in 2011” talks about careers that show excellent growth prospects. The article emphasizes on promising sectors such as healthcare, business, IT, and energy sector.

Protect Yourself From Fake Entrepreneur Opportunities

When you are searching for income online and how to start your own business, you are looking at a lot of different types of entrepreneur opportunities. Whether you have had your own business before or not, everyone starts off by being a little skeptical when they are doing their research.

Achieving Financial Security – Laundromats Make Money Day After Day EVEN in Today’s Economy

Everyone’s pocket has taken a hit in this economy. Many people have had their hours cut, their pay cut, and many completely lost their job. Without any cash flow this has caused many Americans to lose their homes, credit, retirement, and all sense of financial security.

Would You Have More Career, Workplace Success If You Had Superpowers?

If you had the choice, which superpower would you want to have? Here are the choices – Superpower #1: The Power of Flight, like Superman. Superpower #2: Being invisible – go anywhere, anytime, unseen.

Lessons From Those Who Have Taken the Plunge to Self-Employment

Over recent months I have been doing some informal research among those who are self-employed asking them the question” What lessons have you learnt about being self-employed and running a business that you wish you’d known at the start or before you took the plunge?” Here is a summary of the key themes in what they have told me.

Professional Business Attire – Invest in Your Image!

Does your company need to make some decisions about what is considered appropriate business attire? Read this article to learn what is – and is not – regarded as suitable office wear!

Tips to Be a Better Postal Worker

The US Postal Service is fighting to remain a viable business. Check out this article on tips to help you become a better mail carrier or postal clerk.

Jobs Outlook Remains Flat – Applicant Skills Must Stand Out

With unemployment remaining in the 9% range and expected to stay flat through the end of the year, job applicants must develop skills to separate themselves from their peers. The same goes for employees – who must work on keeping their jobs, with fewer opportunities in the marketplace.

Best Tips to Help You Become a Firefighter

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter? A career in firefighting is extremely competitive. Every year fire departments receive thousands of applications for a small number of available jobs. Read our practical tips to get the edge on how to effectively compete for these hard to get but rewarding jobs.

Why Corporate America Is Losing Women With MBA Degrees

In full disclosure, I’ve been out of the true MBA type job for many many years. Nonetheless, I have many friends still slogging away in this environment, and it’s something I’ve studied a great deal.

Traveling Nurse – The Disadvantages and Advantages

Travel nursing is a career option that allows nurses to travel to other places to fill up temporary positions in units or facilities that are under staff. This type of career is becoming a mainstream choice among nurses especially among new graduates. Here you will learn the disadvantages and advantages of becoming a travelling nurse.

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