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Tips to Help You Build Your Network

You know you’ve heard it again and again, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” If you don’t have a network, your chances of landing the kind of job you want are significantly reduced. So, how do you build a network? Where do you find the people?

How To Be An Independent Trucker

The easiest and quickest way to becoming an independent trucker is to have a lot of money to buy your truck. That isn’t the only way to becoming an owner operator. Before discussing this topic there is a firm belief that you should work for a company for awhile prior to getting out there on your own.

Why Take a Recruiter’s Call If You Are Not In a Job Hunt?

Chances are you have received more than your share of calls from a recruiter. The author, a veteran retained executive recruiter from a “top five” firm shares with you some reasons to take those calls and welcome them.

Why Your Resume Objective Is More Crucial Than You Know

99.99% of job seekers don’t think about the reason why a solid, well-written and compelling resume objective is that the resume is nearly always read on the web. The bulk of website readers (70%) do not scroll down on the page when reading any form of writing on the web.

Proven Advice To Become A Truck Driver – By An Expert!

If you are looking for a great job with good pay and a future then you may consider being a truck driver. It is a demanding job that will take its toll on you. It isn’t as easy on a body as you may think. The younger you are the more you feel as if it won’t bother you. Sitting for hours on end with nothing to do but think is not good for your body.

Regardless of the Season, Your Career Needs Nourishment

Have you ever thought about where your career nourishment comes from? That part of what you do that gives you an amazing feeling of success and accomplishment? The part of your responsibilities that make work feel like you are going to fun and leaves you feeling proud of what you are contributing? Consider your taproot.

Starting a Side Job: There’s More Than a Reason to Do It

There are many sources of ideas to start a side job, however one should start from an initial basic question: why would you ever want to start a side job? Our lives are usually filled with things to do both at our job and during our “free time”, and the lack of time is generally considered a common issue for everyone. I think there are many good reasons for anyone to consider the possibility to start a side job.

Stock Broker Training – Is It Necessary?

The number of dollars that change directions on the main securities exchanges within the U.S. each day is in the hundred billions. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds and several other types of securities are bought using this money. A stock broker sells these products professionally.

Your Job Is Important, However You Are and Can Have More Than Your Job

The article explores the issues related to considering our jobs as something worth doing our best, how to find opportunities for a side job, and how to find work-life balance. The expression “more than your job” immediately recalls of work-life balance advices, and this is certainly something worth investigating. However, there may be more meanings that one should consider, that are related to the concept of considering yourself, or your job, as something that goes beyond the commonly accepted concept of “your job”.

Become a Firefighter NOW

I’m consistently seeing candidates that ask a type of question that illustrates a HUGE and very common mistake that people make in pursuit of their dreams.  The questions often look like this: “Should I get my two year degree in Fire Science or should I go for a more broad subject matter?

Preparing for Your First “Real” Job

You put two to four (or more) years into learning everything you possibly could in order to obtain a degree in the career field of your dreams. All of the class time, studying, test taking, and applying to jobs have finally paid off because you are now about to work at your first “real” full-time job.

Tips For Truck Drivers – Is It the Job For You?

Thinking of changing careers to become a truck driver? Asses your needs and priorities before making the big change. When you realize the true demands of driving truck you can better decide if it is right for you.

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