How Much Does Philip DeFranco Make on youtube

Managers on a Budget (Meeting Dress Code Requirements)

With the recession upon us, fashion trends have seen a switch from the exuberant to the more edited and toned down. With many retail stores promoting the recession suit how can you ensure that you don’t compromise on your executive style?

Tips on Choosing a Career Path

This article discusses how to choose your career. It also hits on how to prepare for that career path.

Hooray! I’ve Received a Job Offer – Should I Accept it Or Reject It?

Remember that whenever you are searching for a job, you are actually marketing yourself. You will need to understand what marketing means to build a win-win situation for you and your future employer.

My Boss is a Jerk – How to Handle a Lousy Boss and Still Get a Raise

Now most times when someone gripes about having a lousy boss, I recommend they consider changing jobs or even careers. I just come from the belief that life is too short to put up with a jerk for a boss. Yet many people have to and there are ways to deal with a difficult boss while moving up in the company. Find out what you can do to deal with a jerk for a boss.

Can Coaching Guarantee Success With a Career Placement Test?

Recently there has been something of an explosion in all kinds of scams being offered as a means to ‘Get the job of your dreams’ or ‘Secure that 150k per year job today’, but their claims are very ambitious and, most likely involve you handing over some good money for something that will not actually secure you that dream job or get you 100% in a career placement test. Coaching can help in the sense that it can help you to prepare for a career placement test.

Top 10 Jobs That Can Ride the Time of Recession

Perhaps no job is actually ‘recession proof’ but some are definitely more secure than others. So some can definitely be viewed as being a relatively safe option, even in times of recession.

The Purpose of a Career Placement Test

A career placement test can strike fear into the heart of even the most confident employee. Think of the TV show, The Apprentice and you start to think about the extremes of career placement tests, but there are various career tests now in regular use. But many job candidates are unaware of why these tests are used.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think In The Job Search Process

Rejection comes in many forms during the job-search process. You send out a resume and no one responds. You have an interview and you don’t receive a call back. You send a thank-you note and you don’t receive a response. It’s only natural to feel insecure and unwanted. Let’s first visit what a no answer means. When companies have an open position, they like to have options in other words, more than one candidate is going to be interviewed for that specific opportunity.

Know When to Walk Away From Projects

Professionals oftentimes remain in situations that are less than ideal, desperately hoping that circumstances will improve. They remain in stressful jobs or on consulting projects that simply aren’t the right fit for them. They compromise there values to keep “others” happy making themselves miserable, and the list goes on. And, in tough times, the likelihood of this happening increases exponentially.

How to Change Careers and Work For Yourself

In my opinion, one of the worst things you can do is go through your life working in a career you dislike. Considering that most of us already spend a majority of our time working, it seems such a waste to do it in a field that you have no desire to be in. Discover how you can find your passion and turn it into a new career that brings you satisfaction and happiness.

How Do I Find a Job I Like?

How Do I Find a Job I Like? Just take a while to visualize your days if you were enthused and motivated about the work you did. Doing a Job that you enjoyed, working with like-minded people, doing a job that interested you. Can you imagine how good that would feel? If you decide to sit down with your boss and improve your current role, or decide upon pastures new, you now have a sound foundation from which to build…

Choosing the Perfect Career – Ideal Occupations For Oranges

Do you tackle your work with enthusiasm so you can quickly move on to other pursuits? Are you great at working under pressure and prefer to work on jobs that are lively, unpredictable and risky, such as construction, piloting, fire-fighting, negotiating, mechanical repairs, carpentry, performing arts, athletics and emergency medicine. If so, then you might be an Orange. Read this article to discover some careers that suit your personality style.

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