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Which Occupation Or Business Brings You Good Luck?

Recently, a number of people came to me for my advice. They were very unhappy in their current jobs, and they were asking if they should change jobs. If the answer was yes, which occupation or industry was more suitable for them? Or I should say which occupation or industry can bring them success easily.

About Excess Flattering and Other Sure-Fire Methods to Sabotage Your Career

If you ever thought sucking up and flattering is the way to excel at your career, you were dead wrong. Most successful and highly paid people don’t do it. There are a few points why.

Working in a Cruise Ship

Unless you inherited a fortune or successfully sold a software company in your twenties, cruises probably won’t be within your reach until your forties. Forty is still young but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to travel the world while you’re young?

The Difference Between Roles and Purpose

An easy tell regarding how well we understand the idea of Soul Purpose is to look at the disconnect that we have between a role that someone plays in life (mom, dad, accountant, police office etc.) and how that relates to their actual purpose. Roles are not purpose and purpose is not one specific role. We see this mistake made constantly and it is most prominently on display in the world of professional sports.

Planning Guide to Switching Industries and Changing Your Career

Many people make plans for disasters like a flat tire or inclement weather, but few prepare for job loss. This article suggests steps that will prepare you to switch industries if you lose your job.

The Pitfalls of Fitness, Personal Training and How to Correct It

I’m writing this article for anyone who has ever been a personal trainer, a training client or participated at any level of the fitness business structure. Thousands of quality personal trainers, clients and managers are washed out of this industry on a daily basis due to a few major pitfalls.

Online Game Testing Jobs

There are many people who tend to choose the career game testing these days. It is because they can earn very good money in very short time with these jobs. There are different ways through which you can look for the jobs of game testers.

Home Game Testing Jobs

It sounds very good to get a home game testing job. Some people might think that it is very hard to get video testing job from home but it is not that difficult as one would think. These are very rare posted jobs but still you must know that there are lots of game testers jobs available for you.

Midlife Career Change – 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

When you are thinking about a midlife career change, you will understandably want to get it right. After all, you aren’t twenty any more and you don’t want to choose the wrong career and then have to start all over again.

Midlife Career Change – 3 Steps You Should Take to Ensure Success

More and more people are faced with the need to make a midlife career change, but it can be a scary prospect. Here are some tips to help you take the step towards a new career.

Role of Recruitment Agencies in Fresh Candidate’s Life

Finding a good job just after completing studies for fresh candidates brings numerous problems and lead the students life into great trouble. Job searching is a big challenge for fresh graduates. Recruitment agencies play an important role in a fresh candidate’s life. Recruitment Agencies are providing quality services to both, Applicants and Employers. They uses Recruitment Softwares for their operations The need is just to talk to HR professionals to sort out their problems

Hospitality & Catering Apprenticeships

The hospitality and catering apprenticeship is one of the most popular programmes, attracting thousands of candidates per year. Depending on your strengths and interests, you could either be working behind the scenes in a kitchen or up front, pouring drinks for the Friday night crowd. It’s your choice!

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