How Much Does Physics Girl Make On YouTube

Tips to Starting a Small Business

Tops tips for starting a small business. Don’t jump before you plan your landing.

“Ammo For Your Arsenal” Business Series Topic “You Believe, They Buy”

When you have made a purchase, one that you love, how passionate was the person about their product you bought from? Or, how about when you have chosen a Real Estate agent? Interior Designer? Lawyer? Did they appear enthusiastic, confident, energetic, and excited about their product/service?

Choosing a Career As an Accountant

Most people that train to be an accountant work for chartered accountants (or certified accountants) or work for themselves with their main duties including advising clients of varying sizes on the different aspects of their financial situation, such as keeping books, offering tax advice alongside tax planning solutions. This would vary slightly for an inhouse accountant as the role would be to manage the company’s finances. Being an accountant is a steady career with decent pay and a steady career path for people looking to advance to management level or consultancy roles.

What Are You Worth? Career Salaries Determining Your Worth

People are determining their value and worth through the amount of money others are willing to pay them. Is this the current trend for 2010? What should people be doing to value themselves differently? We take a look at whether career salaries are the determining factor in personal worth.

SC Unemployment – Find All the Help You Need

SC unemployment figures or the jobless figures for the US state of South Carolina continue to worry the experts. Yes, it seems that the situation might be improving, but they feel that it is not enough. For instance, according to the figures released in May the unemployment rate has come down for the fourth straight month, but it has again gone up in June.

Start a New Career After 50

Is it really possible to change careers after 50? In fact, it is not only possible but probably easier than you might think. Employers have learned the value of the over 50 employee. Learn some simple steps to make a new career a reality.

Some Jobs in Printing Industries That You Should Know

Printing industries have many jobs that are very exiting and unique. The jobs are done by the people who are experts to ensure the result of the printing. Some of the jobs are designing ads, brochures, designer position etc. The followings are some jobs that are done in printing industries.

Technology Education and Engineering – More Than Just Computers?

Technology Education and Engineering provides students with hands-on experiences that prepare them to use technology for a future career. Lessons provide students the opportunity to explore, investigate, and create solutions that parallel real world experiences.

Bang Your Own Drum

One of the most common lines I have heard in the last twelve years is ‘I don’t like to blow my own trumpet’ to which my response has always been, ‘but who else is going to do it?’ I still stand by that as a good answer.

The Paralegal Profession – No More an All Comers Career

If you are interested in the legal profession, but not as an attorney, consider doing a paralegal degree either online or offline. The paralegal profession has come of age and well respected in law firms and in the legal departs of various government agencies and corporations including NGOs.

Career Planning Test – Effective Tool For Career Direction

Choosing a career can a very hard thing to do especially when you are surrounded with a lot of choices. You might have an interest for one endeavor in life but then you also want to go for another. This is a serious decision that you must ask yourself for a lot of times because it will determine your future and what you will do after you finish your education. You can start planning your life and narrow your options when it comes to your career by taking a career planning test.

8 Winning Entrepreneurial Traits For Those That Work at Home

Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs started with their own brand of gumption and used that internal grit to push forward with bold ideas and forward thinking. Believe it or not there is a profound parallel between an entrepreneur and those who work at home.

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