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Improving Your Career Prospects

Are you struggling to find a job or bored of your current one? What are employers looking for? To improve your career prospects, there are successful job interview techniques that anyone can learn. Step this way…

Quit Waiting to Be Discovered

Think back to childhood: Were you one of those kids that sat on your bed and secretly dreamed of being a rock star? As you got older, maybe you fantasized that you’d be walking down the street and someone would approach you and say, “You must star in my next film!” When you’re young, these little daydreams are harmless, fun thoughts.

Keeping Your Telecommuting Job Search Efforts Organized

Your Telecommuting job search is confusing enough. Don’t let the process get to you and learn how to organize your efforts.

Medical Transcription Reference Resources – Where to Get Them to Have a Successful MT Career

As you start to develop an interest in learning more about transcriptionist work, you’ll need to know that there are certain medical transcription reference materials required to complete your experience. If you choose to obtain transcription training, you should be given plenty of books to help you along the way.

Multiple Skills

Everyone has an area of expertise when it comes to using their skills to the fullest. If you have been to college and have graduated, then you can justifiably consider yourself an authority on that subject.

Night Shift Fatigue – Have You Ever Got Stuck Behind a House Driving Home After Work?

Driving home after night shift can certainly be a struggle. Apart from getting stuck in traffic congestion created by our ‘Nine-to-Five Cousins’ as they head off to work, the streaming rays of sunshine as they pass through your windscreen can certainly make you want to pry your eyes open with a set of toothpicks!

Top Meeting Planner – Want to Also Become a Top Wedding Planner? Answer These 5 Questions First

Are you an independent meeting and business event planner interested in becoming a wedding planner? You’re not alone. With cutbacks in meetings and corporate events, many business event planners are interested in adding wedding planning to the services that they offer.

Jealousy, Bitterness and Intimidation – Oh My!

We’ve all had or currently have them…difficult co-workers! Now, I am not your conventional “speak with your supervisor immediately” kind of advice giver, more of a “this is how it REALLY is and this is the most practical way to deal with it” kind of girl! So, regardless of the flavor whether it is: Obnoxious, know-it-all, passive aggressive or snotty, 99.9% of the time there are 3 reasons why you are having issues with someone at work. They are Jealousy, Bitterness and Intimidation.

5 Tips For Getting Ahead As a Professional Woman

Not everyone wants to get to the top in their chosen career, but nearly everyone would like to feel that they are successful at what they do. Women in business have made great strides in the last few decades and understand that women can indeed succeed in the business world. For some tips on what you can do as a professional woman to get ahead, read on!

The Freedom of Being a Digital Nomad

Have you ever wished you could work from anywhere in the world? Perhaps sitting on the beach with your laptop? Believe it or not, this lifestyle is completely possible. How? By living the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

Is Your Workplace Not Ideal For You?

It’s not only your physical contentment when you think about your job. You have to think about the psychological factors as well.

What Are the Key Advantages of Medical Coding?

Medical coding is a growing healthcare professionalism which has started to receive a lot of focus and attention from the medical health industry today. Medical coders are highly essential in the medical industry because they are the ones whom will be applying the appropriate code to the services, treatments, procedures and examinations conducted.

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