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Bad Advice For Job Seekers – So Called Experts Out to Make a Buck Off the Unemployed

Career advice experts are popping up all over social and traditional media with varying claims of expertise. Many lack “real” experience in career counseling or employer/employee relations and are merely opportunistic. I do not believe there is ill intent with most, but I find bad advice or incomplete advice to be worse than no advice at all. I also have a real problem with those out to exploit unemployed people – many desperate – who are down to the last of their savings or unemployment benefits.

Dealing With the Most Important New Career Risk

When choosing a new career, it is critical that you spend time to address the most important new career risk; surviving a loss or reduction in income during the transition period. Starting a new career or business can generate a lot of excitement and opportunity, but careful planning to address your needs during the transition will help prevent premature failure during the transition interval.

Employment Agencies – Our Partner in Achieving Dreams

Landing a good job after graduation can be a challenging task. Employment agencies can be very helpful because of their vast resources in matching our qualifications to employers needs.

Tips on Finding a New Career

Sacked. Fired. Let go. Given a pink slip. Shown the road. Given the boot. No matter how you phrase it, getting fired is never fun. It is often a surprise, and always seems to come at the worst possible time. But rather than wallow in the shame and hurt of being let go, this might be a golden opportunity to review your life, and find yourself a new career that will suit you better.

Get That Pay Raise, Promotion, Power and Influence at Your Workplace, Fast!

To achieve success quickly, and move fast up the Corporate Ladder, you must know and apply the Insider Secrets of the Corporate Machiavelli. In the following article, I give you simple but essential tips that can get you whatever you want; make you visible, admirable, progressive and powerful in your workplace, company or organization.

CNA Test Explained

Becoming a CNA isn’t simple and you need to take a certified nursing assistant program followed by two tests. The test structure comes in two parts, a written exam as well as a clinical. To pass this exam you will need to review as it is no easy task, but the material isn’t too complicated so this won’t be an issue for many.

Maintaining Your Career

Once you get the job, your career growth does not end there. You have to keep working to make it better.

Dynamic Training For a Secure Future

With the global economy crisis just starting to recover in 2010, many are still experiencing the detrimental effects as they were the ones who have been retrenched. However, this was just the tip of the iceberg since the economy is regarded as a dynamic entity because one moment it’s soaring up and the next it comes tumbling down.

How to Kickoff Your Medical Coding Business Successfully

If you are looking for a profitable home-based business to venture in, then probably medical coding and billing will be the right choice for you. One can easily kickoff this home-based business with just some minimum amount of money for the necessary equipments setup to run this business, what are necessarily required are: a computer with Internet connection, a fax machine, and a telephone.

A-Z Job Seeker Guide – A is For Attitude

It is 6:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off. You turn over and hit the snooze button…again. Your body just doesn’t want to get out of bed. Your mind asks the question of “why”? Why do I work? Why do I go to a place of employment where I feel unwanted and am not fulfilling any purpose in my life other than a small paycheck?

Are You Having Fun at Work?

Sometimes, we tend to work too hard and forget about how to enjoy while working. If you are not having fun while working any longer, ask yourself why not. Read the article below if you need a refresher.

Building Trust Means First Setting Clear Expectations

Building trusting relationships is at the core of career success. So, why do professionals overlook how communicating their expectations of others often leads to trusting relationships both inside and outside of work?

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