How Much Does Quite Frankly Make On YouTube

Questions on Your Job Offer

After getting your job offer, you must ask several questions about the job offer that has been provided to you by your employer. There will be several questions that might arise in your mind; the first and foremost being the salary.

Six Sigma – The Manufacturing Sector and Beyond

Six Sigma was pioneered at Motorola and has come to be accepted as an improvement methodology by big manufacturing giants like General Motors, GE, Ford motors. However, it also came to be considered as a system suited for improvements only in the manufacturing sector.

Careers 101 – Why You Should Work in “New Media”

What is “New Media”? New media is a fancy way of saying ‘advertising, writing, and business marketing services online’. It is a very fast growing industry and is affording many job opportunities in the current market.

Demonstrations of Success – How to Correctly Offer Suggestions in the Workplace

Many different people work in less than desirable environments. They might have big ideas for changes and things that can be done differently to positively impact the workplace and the success of everyone that is involved. However, anyone who has held a job as an employee knows how difficult it can be to make suggestions for improvement to management when they just aren’t willing to listen. If you’ve got serious ideas for improving the quality or efficiency of your workplace, you shouldn’t feel discouraged or like you can’t talk to your boss about them. There are ways to offer your suggestions, as long as you take the time to focus on a few things.

Decoding the Truth – Pre-Employment Tests Explained

Confused about Pre-Employment tests and why they seem to be written in a different language? Here’s an example of a Pre-Employment Test question, and what the Employer is looking for. This will help you in your thinking and how to answer these questions in a way that will be most beneficial to you.

Tips on Asking For a Raise

Your salary increase is overdue and you are confused about asking for it! Do you think you deserve the salary increase, and your boss doesn’t seem to remember this? Well, it’s time to ask for a raise. Listed below are some tips that can help you a lot…

Are You One of the 3 Million People Who Are Looking to Change Careers in 2009?

Are you worried about job security, or frustrated by not being able to advance up the career ladder? Does there seem to be a shortage of quality positions available?

How to Start a Landscape Design Business

In United States, about one out of four landscape designers has their own business. These self employed designers are responsible to provide landscape architectural, engineering and landscaping services to public as well as private sector. Setting up business in this particular field is not hard as long as you have the right strategy. Here are some useful tips for those who would like to get involved in this line.

3 Facts You Need to Know Before You Change Career

Career change is a scary process, especially if the economy is not good. Here are some key facts you need to know and which will help you make the right decision.

Loving Your Job

In this day and age, you will be hard pressed to find someone who actually enjoys what they do for a living. In fact, if you talk to most people, you will find out that they really can’t stand what it is that they do for a living.

Is Your Career Moving Too Slowly?

Many senior executive wannabes need to be more objective when viewing their own behaviors. They often place too much attention on accomplishments, and not enough on Leadership Presence!

Troll Heroes – New Perspectives For Responding to Bullies

What if the bullies in your life were really there to help you? Think of them as a directing force, causing you to go in directions you might otherwise miss…

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