How Much Does Quite Frankly Make on YouTube

Memorizing and Using Peoples Names

This is an impossible to ignore tactic because you are letting the prospect know that you think they are important. You are showing them that you are intelligent because most people have forgotten their name within the first minute of meeting them.

Job Interview Guidelines

Guidelines to job interviews help you prepare better for that crucial make or break moment with the employer. Prepare well for your interview.

Recession Proof Jobs (Become a Game Tester)

What job is recession proof, fun, pays $10-$80 an hour, lets you work anytime you want and requires no experience and qualification to get started? There aren’t quite many frankly when you think about it, but if you search carefully you might be surprised with what you will find.

Should I Still Be Contracting in the UK?

The current economic conditions have been a stressful topic worldwide for each individual through this past year. This has been even more apparent within the contracting market in the UK, or so the majority of individuals think.

Physiotherapy – Good Or Bad Career Choice?

I’ve been a physiotherapist for 6 years in Australia. In Australia, physiotherapy is very difficult to get into through a university. For instance, the TER score (score after you finish your high school certificate) was 93 in 2000. That was the third highest score to apply for through university. Now, you may think that the higher the difficulty to apply, the higher the prestige, income and satisfaction the job will be. You think so right? Wrong!

The Top 2 Ways on How to Get Yourself Noticed at Work

Ever wonder why some people are always noticed at work and other workers, even though they work extremely hard, never get recognized? Finally, there is an answer.

Executive Protection – Don’t Cross That Line

Once you have landed a job in the executive protection industry there are some protocols you need to follow to keep your job. This short article shows you how.

When References Go Wrong

Your Ears Are Burning. Do you know what your references are really saying about you? Probably not. My friend Renee had recently relocated from Denver CO to Portland OR. Her resume was impressive and included five, what she thought, were terrific references.

Change – It Happens, Get Over It

There are more business books out today on change then almost any other topic. Think back, what was your workplace like five years ago? Three? How about last year? Stable… Calm… Tranquil? Most likely, not. Change is here to stay. And, the only thing that will change change, is that it will accelerate-its rate will continue to increase.

Comparing Psychometric Test Results Between Candidates – Standard Error of Measurement

The first thing to remember is that if you are using a purely ipsative personality test then you should not be comparing test results between candidates. Ipsative tests are self-referencing – they are comprised of force-choice items. They are useful in coaching, team-building and career guidance, but should not be used alone in recruitment and selection scenarios.

Benefits of Globalization For the Small Business Owner

It may never cross the mind of many small business owners to think in terms of globalization for their own business but the topic may be something for you to consider. Firstly, what is globalization? To put it simply it is expansion of economic activity oversees and the process of tailoring products or services to local markets in those locations. If you have a product that can either be shipped oversees at a fairly low cost or you can partner up with someone in another country who is interested in selling what you have to offer, then you can become part of the globalization process and thus expand your profit base.

Your Personal SWOT Analysis – From Analysis to Action

Once you have completed your Personal Swot Analysis, it’s time to take action and put all of the information you have gathered to good use. The information you have gained by accessing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to create an effective plan to ensure you get the job you really want.

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