How Much Does Randy Santel Make on YouTube

4 Tips to Improve Your Emergency Response

Just like life, things don’t always go as planned during your shift. That is why it is important to know these 4 tips to improve your response to emergencies when you are on the lifeguard stand.

How to Work Long Hours

Long hours are not something working people are very fond of. But at some point in your working career, you will eventually encounter the possibility of doing them. That depends on your line of work as well, so if you’re in advertising or media long hours of work occur more often than normal hour shifts.

6 Social Media Mistakes That Scream: “Do Not Hire Me!”

Fine-tuning your resume is just one step you’ll need to take in order to land a perfect job. If you’re not giving your social media profile the same level of attention, your application could go in the trash long before you’ve had a chance to crow about your skills.

The Rise of Female Breadwinners

More and more women are becoming female breadwinners. Learn more about the numbers and find out what impact this is having on the careers of men and women.

Advantages of Using Employment Agencies for Young Job Seekers

As a young man or woman, you must be doubly cautious with the first job you choose. This is also the time when you need extensive counseling – what job type to choose, which country to work, what will give you job satisfaction, what will give you job satisfaction… and more. Many job counseling professionals can do that for you, but employment agencies are always a step ahead – they know where jobs are available and how to put you there. They perform a dual role – help you choose a job and get you placed there.

How to Overcome Fear When Changing Your Career

The emotion that comes across the strongest when my clients start considering a change in their career is fear. Obviously, any change is unsettling and it is only natural to be fearful. The part I don’t quite understand is the following. How can fear of the unknown be bigger than the frustration and exasperation experienced on a daily basis? Somebody who was going through a messy divorce once told me: “If I stayed, I was going to die (emotionally). If I left, I had at least a shot at survival”. This is my motto every time I face a tough decision (and trust me, I’ve had a fair share of those). Whatever your level of “readiness”, here are a few steps you can take to get yourself out of the deepest fear.

Top 4 Banks to Work at in the U.S.

For those with a finance degree or business degree, one may wonder what financial companies are out there to work at. To provide a good starting point, here are recommendations about the popular options in this industry.

Can The Universe Entrust You With More?

Grasp this simple principle and you can progress to the next level. Don’t and you can’t. Here’s how the universe sifts and selects…

Why Ex-Offenders Should Use Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a technique that involves creating a visual representation of your thoughts or ideas. It can be used for virtually any thinking or learning task from studying a new subject to planning your career or even decision making.

How Do I Move Into a Leadership Position?

The glamour of leadership can be alluring. After all it plays to our egos as Sales Professionals. After we have “conquered” the world of selling we convince ourselves we can inspire a team to do great things. The idea of moving up in the sales organization is exciting and we “see” ourselves as the adored leader. Everyone is over quota, they all love you, they all sell like you and maybe even dress like you. You’re able to easily balance the need to be a metric focused leader with the ability to have your team confide in and look up to you as a person. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Learn Why You Need An Employment Portfolio

One of the most significant features of an employment portfolio would be that it verifies statements made on your resume. It is very important for you to develop a sensible order and framework for your portfolio. Bear in mind that job interviewers will also evaluate how you utilize your portfolio during the job interview. It is vital for you to begin putting together all the necessary information and items for your portfolio as quickly as possible. Put together all of the items you want to include in the portfolio. Then begin constructing a table of contents.

Having It Both Ways: The Hybrid Entrepreneur

With careful planning and budgeting of time and money, it is possible to have it both ways and start a part-time, on the side business while continuing to work full-time, enjoying the security of a regular paycheck and health benefits. Write a business plan to facilitate a successful launch.Take on assignments at your day job that will expand your skill set to include competencies that will be beneficial to the success of your venture. Build a website and print business cards and communicate that you take your business seriously. Join networking organizations to meet fellow business owners and grow as an entrepreneur. Take a calculated risk, live your dream, maintain financial security and experience the satisfaction of fully developing and expressing your professional possibilities.

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