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How to Become Your Firm’s Star Employee

A pointer on how ‘ordinary’ staff members can raise their ‘capital’ at their firm through thinking like the boss. Easy to apply advice but practical and works.

Three Critical Aspects to a Successful Dream Business or Job

Creating your own dream business or finding that dream job right requires you to be on target in three major areas. Ask yourself these questions to see if you are on the right path to success.

Forensic Toxicology Training

A forensic toxicologist is a person who helps men and women with legal cases and criminal cases. A forensic toxicologist does this by analyzing body tissues and body fluids. Someone in forensic toxicology has to analyze a person’s body in order to find out if that person has had drug interactions.

CNA Training And Patient Rights – Avoid Being The Source of Patient Complaints

Obtaining CNA training and taking the certification exam to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) will enable you to not only learn and practice the duties of a CNA, but CNA training will also ensure that you are aware of patient rights which will help you avoid being the source of patient complaints. It is possible that not having work experience or possessing a high school diploma may still allow one to become a nursing assistant or nursing aide but becoming a certified nursing assistance will fully equip you for the demands of this job.

What You Need to Know About Career Advancement

In every business, you will find people who have dedicated their lives to getting as far ahead as they possibly can, reaching for great career success. They will do everything they can to know as much as possible about their industry and how to work it into a lucrative and satisfying lifelong job. Their career advancement is as important to them as breathing.

Responsibility and the Office

I used to work in an office where everyone was expected to take responsibility for themselves, everyone that is except management. Maybe you’ve worked in a similar office? I remember a manager that wanted me to change a rate on a loan already signed by a client, and he was SHOCKED when I refused him.

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant – How to Market Yourself

When you want to sell off your car or your property, you normally advertise. When you want to increase your sales of products, you do promotion. When you want to promote yourself in the job market, what should you do? Having academic qualification and working experience are not sufficient. Many good employers will not hire you if you don’t market yourself wisely because they have no idea about your strengths and ability.

A Look At The Nurse Uniform History

The Nurses Uniforms History begins with the Middle Ages when most nursing duties were performed at monasteries by the monks or nuns in their traditional garb. From the 1600s to the 1800s nurses were not viewed as professionals and were often considered as having low morals. That opinion was a result of the unmarried nurses, who were always women, often stayed overnight in the homes of the patient or hospital basements where drinking and parties were going through the night.

Surefire Resume Killers That Will Murder Your Career

As a former human resources recruiter with over 10 years experience, I would commonly go through hundreds of resumes for any one particular position. And while it became tedious to sift through the same inadequate pieces of paper over and over, there was always a diamond in the rough.

How To Pick A Flexible Career Working With Kids

If you enjoy being around kids and would like to see yourself working with them, there are many different kinds of jobs to choose from. These positions could range from becoming a teacher, to teaching baby sign language. Each job will require a different type of training and background.

How to Top an Interview

All MBA Colleges teach and give you tips for cracking your interview. The interviews tips if followed keep you calm and strong during the interviewer and you are well prepared before the interview. Don’t forget to do your homework and be punctual. Wear clean and tidy clothes, your shoes should be polished and if possible wear formal clothes it will leave a good impression.

Returning to the Workforce

Because the workplace changes over the years, being out of work for a while can mean a need for updated wardrobes, resumes, interviewing skills, and knowledge of what employers are looking for. Many of these issues evolve over time and by keeping up with the trends, candidates will successfully convey their interest in getting the job.

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