How Much Does Real Comedienne Latrese Allen

What is Your Linear Path?

I was on a recent LinkedIn discussion where some participants were attacking each other because of their credentials. The attackers were entirely missing the valid points that the person was making. Blinded because the person didn’t have the proper degree the attackers had spent years achieving. The point by this un-degreed person was suggesting was actually moving the discussion towards a creative solution. The one being attacked had a different career path to this point that helped provide different thought-provoking ideas.

What Do You Love?

No surprise to many of you, I love parrots. Why…because I love how they look. More importantly, I love how they interact with others like and unlike them. Because of that love, I want to learn more about them and be around as many of them as possible to enjoy all their antics.

A Photographer’s Eye

Learn from a photographer. You have the power to impact your life. You can control the light to achieve the best photography and life. You can see potential in so many others and be grateful for it.

Medical Trade Schools Are Your Openings Into an Always-In-Demand Professional Career

A career in the health care industry is one of the most stable and rewarding jobs these days. To ensure that you will succeed in the health care industry, attending one of the many medical trade schools available is a must.

You Can’t Wing it As a Wingman

A wingman is a trusted person that helps you. It could be in business or your personal life.

Answer to VTech’s Interview Questions #19 – #22

19. What led you to choose your major or field of study? You don’t want to give them a reason similar to the reason why I majored in business which was because I couldn’t think of anything else to major in and, at the time, I didn’t like to read or write an extensive amount.

3 of the Best Answers to Interview Questions Ever

OK this is going to be a bold strait forward article. I don’t want to play with your time because you have got to WIN this interview. Not just interview well.

Millionaire – How Can You Be One?

In this economy there are very few people who are not thinking about money and security. If your goal is to be a millionaire, there are some practical steps you need to take to profit from solving problems.

You Need to First Re-Adjust Your Work in Order to Improve Your Career

When it comes to our job, we all have the tendency to think that our boss does not value us as much as they should, or we even think our job must be better remunerated. Such beliefs are not necessarily inspiring or engaging because they are rather connected to career disappointments.

What is the Key to a Better Job?

There is a lot of talk these days about socialism and communism making its way into the free enterprise system in the United States.  People are concerned that our capitalistic society is becoming bogged down with entitlement programs, unmanageable national debt, and heavy taxes.

Answer to VTech’s Interview Questions #23 – #25

If your grades are a 3.0 – 3.49, your answer should be, I wish I did better my first two years. “So, to answer your question, my grades are not 100% indicative of what what I learned or my academic achievement. Though, that is what I ended up with.” Out of every 10 people interviewing you, 9 or all 10 are going to be in this grade range.

10 Mistakes Career Changers Make

Over the years I have talked to hundreds of people who dislike their job or know they are in the wrong job. Most are reluctant to make a change for lots of different reasons. The most common is inertia – the feeling that they know this job and can do it so why bother to make a change.

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