How Much Does Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Make on YouTube

The Ideal Company of My Choice

To step in to the organization of personal preference is like finding a needle out of the heap of straw. In particular, there are some practical aspects to be considered in case of choosing an organization of our preference.

How to Become a Better Lawyer

With the legal landscape constantly changing, it is imperative that attorneys stay relevant. No matter how long you have been practicing law, it is always a good idea to reinvent yourself, even in the smallest of ways.

Proof Reading Jobs Online – Where Can I Find These Jobs and What is My Income Potential?

Perhaps you are searching for proof reading jobs online? With the explosive growth rate of the Internet, more and more sites are being put up every single day. This means more content are being put up on the Internet every single day.

4 Limiting Beliefs That Might Be Stopping You From Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

People often tell me they want to become a wedding planner then give excuses why they have not yet pursued their dream. It seems to me that they have beliefs that stop them from taking action. Here are 4 limiting beliefs along with the truth about each of them.

Job Search Networking – Do This First For Big Results

Job search networking can sometimes feels like a high pressure activity, and that never felt right to me. When you have a relationship first, that pressure comes off. It just as true in job search networking as it is in the rest of life that when people know you care about them, they can care about you.

How to Make Your Best Career Change Decision

There is always a best career change choice for you. But you won’t find it by thinking about it. You won’t find it by considering it. You’ll find it by making a decision and getting into action. Use this career change decision-making strategy to find your best career path.

Jackets – The Power Items in Every Professional Wardrobe

Next time you step into your closet, look at your jacket collection. Are they professional and versatile to give you multiple wardrobe options?

Daredevil to the Stars – Test Your Skills As a Stunt Performer

Life as a stunt performer is an extremely exciting and varied career. Stunt performers predominately work in the film and television industry.

How to Improve Your Working Life With an Event Planning Certificate

If you are feeling de-motivated in your current job and looking for an exciting and rewarding career that offers great job prospects then you might like to consider becoming an event planner. Event planning is fast becoming a popular career choice for many professionally minded people. While it is not absolutely necessary to have formal qualifications to enter this profession, it is an industry that has become highly competitive and obtaining an event planning certificate will improve your job prospects and help you gain credibility among potential clients.

M&A Jobs – Quants Wanted

Quants have been taking a beating up and down Wall Street and Main Street since the financial market meltdown in the summer of 2007. Naturally, you have a tendency to want to hide your near-perfect math and physics scores – anything that could indicate the intellectual capacity and a future propensity to build renegade models that could blow up a financial system. Fortunately, demand for quantitative skills is so high that Wall Street is willing to take a risk on you.

Acupuncturist Jobs – Careers Explained

Acupuncturist jobs represent some of the growing opportunities in the holistic health community. More and more people are looking for alternative methods to relieve pain and overcome medical conditions, and acupuncture is one of the popular alternative therapies for treating pain in the body without relying on harmful medications or pain killers. The acupuncturist salary can be very good, and the personal rewards of helping people live pain-free lives can be great.

Move Forward in Your Career With Event Planning Courses

Looking for an exciting and rewarding career in a field that offers higher than average job growth? If you have great organisational skills, can communicate effectively on a professional level and enjoy the challenge of working to deadlines then you may want to consider a career in event planning. Event planners work for a variety of corporations or individuals to plan, coordinate and manage special events such as training seminars, trade shows, conventions, weddings and parties.

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