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Tips to Get the Raise – Get Through the Annual Review Successfully

One of the biggest career mistakes most people commit is keeping their silence in their annual reviews. If you want to get through the annual review successfully, you need to read this article and learn from these tips to make your way through this crucial moment and get the raise.

Why MBA in Operations Management?

The MBA degree in operations management (MBA- OM) is one of the essential business courses that help the candidates to sharpen their decision making powers. This course helps you understand the business theories and makes you develop the industrial sector and country over all.

Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs & You

Traveling physical therapist jobs have extremely enticing and competitive compensation packages. In the words of other physical therapists, the pay is great.

Benefits & Prospects of Traveling Physical Therapy Jobs

Students have been looking at the economic climate that they are entering and wondering what their chances are for a good job. After four years or maybe more of school, you may be facing anything upward seventy-five thousand dollars in debt from school loans without talking about needing a new car, your teeth fixed, new glasses and any other complaint that you put aside to pay for your schooling, a roof over your head, and something decent to eat. It is time to start searching for a traveling physical therapist job.

Building Your Skills As a Freelance Physician Recruiter

Much of what a physician recruiter does is accomplished by contacting medical staff, both personally and through phone calls or email. Doctors who are looking for a new position often have a job, however, making contact difficult.

The Elite Specialist

Having myself specialized in Law, Real Estate, Psychotherapy, Life Constellations, Mentoring, Osho Rebalancing, Massage, Energy Work, Sales, the topic of “specializing” has always been of great interest to me. The problem with that line of reasoning however is that more and more in the coming years, we are going to be faced with a population where many of the younger ones such as Gen X and Y rising up the ranks will have a multitude of jobs or careers in a lifetime; more so Gen Y.

How to Become an X-Ray Technician

X-ray technicians, also referred to as radiology technicians, are in very high demand in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics all across the United States. If you are considering a career change, or even a first career with great potential, being an x-ray technician is a very safe choice.

Start an Independent Consulting Company

The main benefit in this is to become your own boss for your own work, creating your own schedule, giving enough time for your family. It will give you flexibility. These are the biggest reasons for starting as a business.

How to Keep Going For Your Next Promotion

Like most people, when a promotion opportunity comes up, you may want to seize the chance to get it immediately (not least because if you don’t get it someone else will). But think very carefully about what the promotion may mean for you before you go for it. It is not uncommon for a successful and happy worker to win a promotion only to become a less successful and far less happy supervisor or manager.

Benefits of Career Coaching – The ‘Coach’s Space’

An acquaintance of mine recently asked me what career coaches do and why would anyone hire a coach to help them figure out what to do when they finally ‘grow up’? Granted, this friend was chiding me a bit but instead of launching into the text version of what career coaches do, I explained the magic of the ‘Coach’s Space’. The Coach’s Space involves three elements which benefit the client.

Salary – What Are You Worth?

How much are you worth on the job market? It’s a question everyone asks.

How to Find the Right Job For You to Enjoy

Having a job does not mean being stuck in something you don’t enjoy. Research your options and prepare yourself for the work you want.

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