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5 Common Mistakes a Freelance Translator Can Make

It can be a minefield when you start out as a freelance translator and sometimes the bad choices you make that don’t do you any favours can seem equally as wise as the better choices you could make. Like in any business sector, there are plausible reasons for why you should or should not do something however, when it comes to those definite no no’s, here are the 5 common mistakes that some freelance translators make and certainly fall under the category of what not to do!

Why, Would You Do It?

Truth be told, you have most likely asked yourself the ‘why’ question too. The other side of the coin goes like this: people telling you, “You know, you should be a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, real estate agent, teacher, factory worker… ” or, “Just go get a job!” and on and on. All of these questions are aimed to just stop you from what you do best and giving your unique gift. The question is designed to take you away from waking up and doing what jazzes you. People are wanting for you what they are looking for in their own lives that does not exist anywhere. Security! There is no such thing as security. At any moment we could be struck by lighting, maybe hit by a car, or better yet the earth is slammed by meteor that no one is talking about.;-)

What Board Should I Apply For?

I often get asked by people which board they should apply to. In order to answer this question for yourself, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Working As a Flight Attendant – A Rewarding Airline Career

In the world of commercial flight, few jobs have the top-notch allure of the flight attendant. Though plenty of people dream of being a commercial airline pilot or even an airline captain, many more are drawn to the flight attendant position thanks to its relatively decent salary, its on-the-job perks, and the relatively easy responsibilities that rest on the average flight attendant’s shoulders. Though an attractive position for many people with a significant interest in travel and hospitality, this position is not for everyone and it’s not growing at quite the rate that it once was. Even so, with the combination of a great work environment and international opportunities, aspiring flight attendants have plenty of options and stand to enjoy a rewarding career if they enjoy the nature of the position.

Indian Cities That Will Always Let You Keep Up With Your Career

Every professional should be open to relocating to the cities that can assure good career prospects and growth opportunities. For this, one needs to look at cities like Bangalore and Chennai that hold a lot for job seekers.

Exercise Your Power During Your Job Search Using 3 Deal Makers

As the job market slowly recovers from the “Great Recession”, job seekers may be wondering if they have any control in the interview process. The savvy seeker knows that they have a great deal of power when it comes to three main areas. If you’re looking for a new position, are you going into the market exercising your power, or do you kowtow to the interviewer?

Functional Vs Chronological Resume

This articles points out the various uses for functional and chronological resumes. Each style is applicable to certain applicants with certain work history.

Be Honest With Yourself And Do What’s Best For Your Business

Lately, I’ve been in an entrepreneurial dilemma between the ideas of owning a physical storefront and running an online shop. Frankly, as an entrepreneur in this era, having the knowledge of managing both types is a necessity! As a young and pursing entrepreneur, I have already found myself second-guessing my actions on whether or not this is the right path for my life.

Job Crafting: How To Turn Your Work Into Something You Love

Do you love your job? If you can’t answer an emphatic yes then don’t give up hope. Rather than hunting for that perfect position, try a little job crafting to reshape the post you already have into one that you actually enjoy. Scientific research has shown you can make small changes to your work role that will give you huge positive returns. Welcome to the art of job crafting.

Predict Your Future As a Civil Engineer

It is good that you chose civil engineering for your further studies but did you ever try to know about what will it be like to become a civil engineer? Have you ever thought how good will it pay you? These are the questions that you need to get answered as early as possible.

The Quit Rate: Why Quitters Are Good News

How can more people quitting their jobs be good for you? Here’s a list that tells you how to capitalize on an increase in vacancies.

11 Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

This article provides straight to the point advice on how to ace a job interview. This articles stresses the importance of preparation before the interview.

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