How Much Does Rhonda’s Red Sauce Make on YouTube

Are Many Young Models Victims of Sexual Harassment?

Aspiring young models and all concerned may have an apprehension whether many young models are victims of sexual harassment or not. Sexual harassment in work places is a phenomenon prevalent in all vocations and regions. However, as young models are the centre of attraction anywhere, because of their higher sex appeal, there is an amount of higher risk in their profession. However, models themselves can take adequate precautions and preventive steps. Opting for a professionally reputed organization, making arrangements for personal companions for outside work, etc. could be of much help.

The Social Worker’s Path to Private Practice – How You Can Get From Here to There

When Cheryl Dolinger Brown, CSW, headed off to social work school, she took with her a mental model formed while growing up with her social work administrator father. She imagined that she would follow in his footsteps; it never occurred to her that she had started on a path to become a therapist. What set her in this direction?

To Continue Being Employed Or to Start My Own Business?

Starting your own business is not as easy as what many people think. It cannot be done overnight but requires detail planning and deep analysis from various perspectives. This becomes more crucial for those who are already in a comfort zone of a good employment. Deep understanding of both worlds is necessary. What are the benefits of being employed and what are the benefits of running your own business need to be understood in depth. The disadvantages for both of the worlds need also to be understood.

Top Fifteen Reasons Why People Get Fired

You have been given a pink slip by your company and you think that you didn’t deserve it. Yet, you have been handed the slip and there is nothing you can do about that. However it is the time to examine the reasons of you being laid off.

Jobs For Writers – They Do Exist

I know there will be people telling me that jobs for writers are only for a select few. However with the Internet anyone can make money through their writing. Now, I am not saying you can just put up some garbage somewhere and make some money.

Are You Thinking About Doing Volunteer Work Abroad?

Many things about volunteer work abroad aren’t perfectly clear. Read on to better understand this subject.

The Rise and Rise of Nurses Pay

Nursing has always enjoyed a distinct reputation of being one of the most popular professions in the health care segment. For several decades, nursing has been coveted and respected as a profession. On an average, statistics reveal that nurse salary is on an upward climb.

Starting a Personal Training Career – A Comprehensive Overview

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But it is also true that every journey should begin with knowledge of the purpose and the destination. Similarly, before starting on a personal training career you should know what it is and what it holds for you.

Vocational Jobs in Nursing

In the medical and especially the nursing segment, vocational jobs have been rising in popularity over the last couple of years. Most health care industry experts estimate that the majority of employment nursing opportunities in vocational jobs will arise from facilities in nursing care. If you take a quick look at students opting for licensed training in vocational nursing and those who opt for just vocational training, the figures are on the rise continually.

Job Nerves – Learn How to Feel Confident and in Control in That Interview!

When you’re sitting, waiting for your interview time to come up does the world suddenly seem more… detailed? You can hear the phone ringing, the clicking of the heater, the tapping of a pen on a desk, the muted sound of voices in another room, sounds outside from the bin lorry that’s picking up the rubbish, the traffic in the street… just about everything.

Low Pay? High Pay? The Truth About Teacher Pay

Go to any teacher forum, and you’ll find a discussion on the topic of pay. Are teachers paid well? Overpaid? Not paid enough? Here are some of the biggest arguments on teacher pay – as well as the truth.

Online Jobs For Teachers

Online jobs for teachers are slowly on the rise which does not only mean teaching and tutoring. Many educators and post educators are finding the benefits of working as online educational consultants, presentators, workshop organizers.

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