How Much Does Rich Rebuilds Make on YouTube

10 College Interview Questions That Can Change A Career

Many people go into an interview thinking the employment screening is about them. Think again. The best interviews ask the right questions that are geared towards how they can help the employer.

Job Searching Online: The Importance of Targeting Jobs You Are Qualified For

Before you start applying for any job that you come across, you should consider your qualifications. It is vital to your job search success that you focus most of your attention on positions that you are qualified for. Why is this so important?

Are Free Data Entry Jobs From Home Really Free?

When someone does a search on a job search site for “free data entry jobs from home” they are looking for positions where they do not have to pay a fee or any money up front. On that same note, not all free data entry jobs are 100% truly free and they aren’t scams either. So wait! Why? How? What do you need to know?

Information On Forensic Nursing Career

The nursing field is one that offers more challenges than many outsiders realize. With a host of its own sub-specialties, this career path can be one that engages individuals and keeps them interested and learning throughout their entire tenure.

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude After Being Fired

You’ve just been fired from your job. You slaved away for so many years, only to be told you weren’t needed anymore for what sounds like a made up reason, and you are living your worst nightmare. Not only that, but your boss felt the need to have you escorted out of the building like a criminal in front of former co-workers.

Changing Career – Ten Questions to Think About

Are you fed up with the boss you work for or the job you’re doing? Do you want a new challenge? Could you do better, rise higher, earn more? Lots of people dream of doing a different job but many of them never get past the “if only…” stage. The following ten questions will help you turn dissatisfaction into some concrete plans for a career change.

Beat the Ivy-League Grads – Not Just By an Inch, But Badly

For any student not in the Ivy-League job seeking group, competing against young individuals who graduated from the top schools can be quite intimidating. However, this does not have to be the scenario. Here are some ways to help the entry-level job seeker gain leverage.

Business Literacy And Wisdom

Business advantage is gained by harnessing smart ideas- not just amorphous data, the latest technology, or as a larger-than-life Chief Executive Officer. Most business ideas that have been proposed are purely mundane refinements of existing concepts. Only a very few qualify as breakthrough.

10 Ways the Government Will Help Pay for Your Online Degree

If you’re considering earning an online degree but the cost has you waffling, you no longer have an excuse. There are 10 ways the US government will help pay for part or all of your college education. And here they are with the details that you need to know to take advantage.

How to Ask for a Raise – Make More Money

Everyone wants to make more money, and sometimes what they are currently making in their jobs just isn’t enough. We all work so that we can sustain not only our needs but also our wants in life and being able to earn more gives us the chance to afford any luxuries we may want. There are many ways to make money and some are just luckier than others in having financial abundance.

Why Some People Choose Not To Do Writing For A Living

Writing is a most challenging career for most. Here are reasons why people who actually can write very well would rather choose not to make a living out of it.

Earn A Dental Assistant Salary Without Spending Years In College

In times like what we have now not everybody gets to earn a bachelor’s degree. Our economy and state of living has gone extremely bad that education for kids is no longer a right but a privilege. The world’s economy has not yet shown a sign that it’s recovering which is why unemployment rate is still increasing. Despite the recession the whole world is experiencing not all aspect of the economy has gone down, just like the healthcare industry. For those people who cannot afford to go to College or study in a reputable University, you may find being a dental assistant your saving grace.

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