How Much Does Rinske Douna Make on YouTube

Not All Light Bulbs Want to Be Changed

How many Therapists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb has to want to change! Oh, this is so true in any organization.

Do Not Play With Companies Doing a Background Check

It has become very common these days that many of the companies do background checks on the employees they hire in order to make sure that the data that is being provided by that person is all genuine. Many people do provide fake details about their previous employment and education in order to get into some good company. Now the chances for these kind of people is very less since almost all big companies irrespective of the line of business is doing background checks before hiring any new person into their organization.

What Career Counselors Don’t Do – Work From the Inside Out

Career counselors and job placement agencies are well intentioned when they give you a variety of assessment tests in order “place” you in a position or career. But if you are to discover your true vocation and create work that is aligned with every aspect of your being, you need to approach your search from a soul level, from the inside out.

When Did the First Impression Occur?

“Hey, you look familiar.” Has this ever happened to you? I bet many of you are answering, “Don’t know” or “I never noticed.”

Career Management 101 – Transition Tips

It’s no secret; being a part of the job search process across the nation has been tough for an extended period of time. What some employment seekers may not realize is that successful individuals who find themselves out of work don’t dwell on the loss – they transition to a career field where there is growth and opportunity. Here are the top five tips every candidate can utilize and apply to their personal situation.

Practicality of Management Education

It’s a dream for any student to do post graduation in management. Lots of management institutes have come up in last two to three years. Students have a lot of choices today.

PTLLS Courses – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Please note that these teaching courses are not suitable for individuals seeking a qualification to teach students in the statutory school sector (below the age of 16). These courses (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector), sometimes known as “Peetles” Courses are for people wishing to teach or train adults and City and Guilds 7303 is now the minimum requirement for adult (post 16) training and provides the best grounding for trainer training courses.

Take the Next Big Step! You’re the Expert!

Being an expert in your field makes you the go-to person for your industry.  Take a minute and list three people whom you consider to be experts. Think about why you ask their advice.

What to Do When Other Teachers From Your Department Hate You

Sometimes teachers find they don’t fit in with their department as well as they may like. What should you do if that happens to you?

Surefire Tips on How to Do Well in Your Job

If you are interested not only in keeping your job, but also in finding a successful career, it is important that you always keep your best foot forward. A lot of people, especially those who are new to their jobs, seem to be clueless on how to act appropriately and do well in their work. If you can relate to this problem and you really do not know what is expected of you in the office, just read on and follow the tips below.

The 5 Most Popular Career Options After 12th Grade

So you are finishing 12th grade and are wondering what to do next. This is a common question that most school leavers find confusing and difficult to answer. It is such an important decision and will shape the remainder of your life. So where do you start when deciding on what is going to be best for you?

X Ray Technician Careers – A Quick Overview

Becoming an x-ray technician can be a very rewarding career choice – both emotionally and financially. With the field of human imaging experiencing some amazing technological advances, the demand of technicians are increasing rapidly.

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