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Success Without a College Degree

In today’s economy there are no guarantees that a college degree will get you a high paying job. Many of today’s college graduates are overqualified for the jobs they have. Many are working jobs like bartending and waiting tables just to make ends meet, while deeply in debt from tuition costs.

Job That Makes a Difference

There are many people today that find themselves stuck in a job that they dislike for one reason or another. It seems that more than any other time in our history, people have a deep longing to be of service to others, to do work that is meaningful. There are some very interesting trends emerging that will allow people to do just that.

Skills That Different Companies Are Looking For in a Employee

After researching I found a variety of different skills that different companies are looking for in an employee. I look at the Nichols College’s website Road to Success and found a variety of different jobs. Then from there I went on to the company’s website and found out if they had any possible jobs opening.

What the Hiring Manager is Looking For – A Deeper Level

Getting a new job is not all about slick interview acing tips or a flashy resume. While those things possess a certain level of validity and importance, they are not almighty in the hiring manager’s mind. There is a deeper set of fundamental components that comprise true success in the job application process.

Ideas on How to Pass Career Tests

In life there are a ton of choices that need to be decided upon and that will relate to contrasting parts in our life. One of the more tricky of these decisions is understanding what kind of career we wish to go in. There are hundreds of different careers that we are able to pick out from and every one is more difficult than the last one.

Are Pharmacist Salaries Going Down?

Are Pharmacist salaries going down in the current economy? In any kind of job market, salaries are based on the value you provide and the market supply/demand. Because the economy has led to a tighter pharmacist job market, it is a reality that 1) companies are experiencing budget cuts, 2) pharmacist layoffs lead to increased supply of pharmacists. Here are trends we have noticed in the pharmacist job market:

Looking For a Job?

I know a lot of people who need a job. Many have recently graduated from college and still are unable to find work. And much of the work they are finding pays very little and offers almost no benefits, if any. But I have found an employer that’s always hiring, rarely has layoffs, gives you raises every year and has great benefits and retirement.

7 Skills on How to Become a Marketing Manager

There are seven skills needed to work as a marketing manager. Several of these skills revolve around communication with people and some of them require your personal knowledge; such as how to navigate a computer. Nonetheless, this is what employers expect of you.

7 Skills Needed to Work As a Sports Marketer

Interested in a career in Sports Marketing? If you have these 7 skills, you are on the right path. If not, review them and acquire them.

Government Employment – Why Smart People Prefer It

Traditionally, being a government employee is considered to be one of the better jobs. Read on to know more.

Craniosacral Therapists – What to Charge Your Friends & Family

Have you ever struggled with wanting to give your therapy away for free? You’re not alone. Not long ago I was working with Margaret, a delightful client of mine. We were brainstorming ideas to help her jump-start her practice.

Job Enrichment

Job enrichment is the process of enhancing job satisfaction and fulfillment by reforming the roles and duties that an employee carries out on a day to day basis. Too many employees are trapped in unrewarding and monotonous jobs that offer little or no professional satisfaction. It is particularly common among primary and secondary occupations that involve the repetition of tasks and little or no responsibility.

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