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LinkedIn Tips to Get You Connected

Using LinkedIn is probably the best way to help you get a job. While LinkedIn was not set up specifically for those who are looking for employment, it may quite possibly be the best tool when used properly set up for your job search. These tips will get you connect with just about anyone on LinkedIn.

The Importance of Employment Counseling

Most people nowadays are stuck in jobs that are not fulfilling in their part. Somehow, it’s important that we like our jobs especially when it takes so much of our time. But then, there are still some people who still don’t know what jobs would be fulfilling for them. That’s the point where employment counseling comes in.

Lost Your Job? Don’t Be Afraid to Share

Here’s the description of a cartoon I came across last year in The Wall Street Journal: A man, heading out the door to the golf course, explains to his wife that he has to keep golfing,”…so that no one will know I was fired.” No, no, a thousand times, no!

4 Tips on How to Keep Yourself Laser Focused

Do you find yourself needing more time and effort to stay focus? Are your business goals or personal goals suffering because you have not been able to focus 100% on things that really matter?

Planning is the Key to Career Success

Winging it doesn’t work. Playing it by ear, seeing what happens or deciding what you’ll be ‘in the mood for’ when the moment strikes – all bad, bad ideas. If you’ve bought into the idea – as I had – that spontaneous people are more relaxed, or experience higher levels of creativity or fun because of their whimsical ways – think again.

What Are Community Colleges? The Things You Need to Know

The entire concept of community college developed in the United States in the early part of the 20th century. The community colleges have been an educational institution that has developed based on the convenience of the local community primarily.

A Career in Computer Animation Will Fill Your Pockets – Must Read

Animation is a very interesting career. There are several career options for computer animators. Animators are artists in a way. They create cartoons which are a favorite of not only children but also of many elders. These cartoons are created for movies and films.

Graduating From College – 10 Tips For the Job Search

Frustrated with a lack luster economy now that you have graduated and want to go to work? I discuss a proactive approach to help new grads craft a successful job search campaign. Find out how you can get a jump on your career search by following these ten steps….

You’re Not an Employee – You’re a Guest

Here’s something that has been forgotten, overlooked – or just simply unrealized in the workplace: You’re a guest. Think about it: You’re an intern, employee, freelancer or anything else at the invitation of your employer. And, if you can be invited, you can be uninvited, too.

Why Your Job Search May Be Taking Forever

Here’s a scenario I read about the other day in The New York Times: An article profiling several unemployed white-collar workers focused on one man, in his early forties, who wondered why his job search strategy wasn’t working. According to the piece, this man, and many others featured in the story, had spent the greater part of a year submitting resumes to job postings online, to no avail. Sound familiar?

How to Handle Job Loss Effectively

The world is experiencing shaky financial times of late and for this reason the possibility of job loss is becoming a very real possibility for more and more people. Should you find yourself in a situation where job loss is likely to affect your life it will be the manner in which you choose to handle it that will make all the difference.

What to Do When Your Job Search Isn’t Working

You need a new bag of tricks. If you’re out there in the job market now – or are afraid you might be – then you can’t rely on the old tricks that you’ve used in the past to get your foot in the door.

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