How Much Does Ron Pratt Make on YouTube

What To Do When You Realize You Will Never Be Michael Jordan

Career transition is one of (if not the) most difficult periods a professional athlete faces. Ditto the business professional. How does one know when it’s time? Just as important, how does one know to what occupation he or she should move toward at the end of and/or following an initial career? Here we explore one process for investigating alternatives and making a decision.

What Does It Take to Get a Corporate Finance Job?

Corporate finance is a division in a business establishment that takes care of the financial activities of the company. One of its primary tasks is to make financial plans and formulate business strategies that work to maximize shareholder value.

Making Yourself More Marketable As an Addictions Counselor

With any profession it is critical to make yourself more appealing to potential employers. Even if you are satisfied with your current job, having other employers pursue you, gives you leverage, helps boost your self-esteem and can give you more credibility in your field. So, in the field of substance abuse counseling, what will make you stand out? How can you get to the point where employers are pursuing you instead of you chasing them? Here are a few tips that can help you become the addictions professional that everyone wants to hire.

The Nuts-And-Bolts of Passing the PMP(R) Exam

When you take the PMP(R) exam, your grade is based on how well you scored in each of the five process groups. The exam is weighed as follows…

How To Handle Conflict In the Workplace

Conflict can happen anytime and anywhere. Conflict is also very possible in situations where two or more people have to work closely together. In companies where two or more inventors work in close quarters, it is not unusual for thoughts and ideas to clash.

Make the Best Decisions on the Lifeguard Stand Using This Proven Method

Lifeguards are forced to make thousands of decisions every season. Some decisions will be tougher than others, but all decisions can be arrived at by using this proven method.

Which Course Should I Choose for My Lifeguard Certification?

In this article, learn about the similarities and differences between the major lifeguarding certification courses. Find out which course is best for you.

Share 5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Chances of Landing Jobs

This article gives you some advice and strategy on how to improve your job search by giving you suggestions on what you could be doing to hurt your job search. This article is especially helpful for those beginning their careers.

Important Facts About the Accounting Profession

The accounting profession is known for giving its people respectable places in business and management. Its rewards are enviable, but like other careers, it comes with lots of challenges that only the determined can achieve.

5 Key Steps in Running a Successful Job Interview

The key to running a successful interview is doing your homework properly. So, prepare days ahead. An unfit candidate can wreck havoc on your organization, and terminating his or her services is a complex process of law. When you conduct an interview, make it a scientific process. It is not just you who stands to gain; your business too will benefit from a well conducted interview.

How to Prepare for a Successful Background Check

Many people believe they cannot have a positive impact to the results of a background check… especially if they have a criminal record. I would disagree!

Want to Advance Your Lifeguarding Career? Learn How to Become a Certified Lifeguard Trainer

Every year, new lifeguards become employed by pools, beaches, communities. Learn how to influence these new lifeguards by becoming a certified lifeguard trainer.

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