How Much Does Ronny Dahl Make on YouTube

The 5 Factor Difference

Enthusiasm is wonderful. There was a screen saver put out by the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles which said “Catch on fire with enthusiasm and the world will come for miles to watch you burn.” Yes, enthusiasm is an important factor but enthusiasm alone will not move your life and your business forward. Passion for your product and your company are also very important. You can not effectively present something you do not believe in and respect.

Business Speakers and Conferences Inspire in Difficult Times

If you feel that you could benefit from some advice, motivation or help, sign up to a conference with a professional and experienced business speaker. There are motivational, practical and generally entertaining business conferences around the country, helping people with their confidence levels, managerial capabilities and other vital qualities needed to get a top job in today’s economy.

The Business to Be In Now

The manufacturing base of this country has been decreasing for the past 20 years. The reasons are simple. Primarily labor costs have driven companies to go to Mexico, Vietnam, China and India.

I Have Just Lost My Job Due to Downsizing – What on Earth Do I Do Next?

Have you ever received the devastating blow that you are surplus to your organization’s requirements? Did you feel the fear coursing through your veins when you discovered that you were being tossed on a garbage pile? Did you feel shame at being one of the victims of downsizing? Do you now feel helpless? Do you know what to do next? Here are some practical suggestions to help you ride out the storm.

Where to Look For Travel RN Jobs

There are various sources of travel RN jobs, including nursing staffing agencies and websites. Prepare for your job by determining your reasons for traveling and analyzing your credentials and living situations.

Duties of a Medical Assistant

There are many things that medical assistants cannot do. So exactly what can they do? They aren’t a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse so they are definitely limited in the things they can do or perform in the clinic.

Do You Have What it Takes to Go Into Psychiatric Nursing?

Psychiatric nursing can be a challenging but rewarding profession for those that love helping people with mental health issues. Psychiatric nursing can be one of the most challenging aspects of the nursing profession. Read on to learn more about psychiatric nursing.

Thinking About Starting Up As a Freelance or Self Employed Courier?

When times get tough everyone with a van looks to becoming a courier to increase their earnings. Whilst becoming a courier can do this, it can be a big drain on your savings and financial resources if done incorrectly.

Struggle If You Must During Career Transition, But Why?

We are transmitters with our thoughts, feelings and actions. Getting all three to be in alignment is the tricky part of getting it right. We may change our thoughts and spoken words to positive statements, but if underneath those words are opposing beliefs then there is conflict between what we want and our belief.

During an Interview

Never interviewed before? First time interviewing with a company? Read to find out what generally goes on during an interview.

Work Life Balance – What is it & How Do You Get It?

Have you ever wondered about work life balance? It is a buzz word that has been around in the workplace for the last 5 years. What does it actually mean and how can you get yourself some? Read on to find out how.

Nursing Career – How Does a CNA Become an LPN?

While the job as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is an entry position for a nursing career, the position of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) makes the natural stepping stone from a CNA to RN. Both CNA and LPN are required to work under the supervision of a doctor or a registered nurse. What makes LPN a better position than CNA? And, how does a CNA become an LPN?

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