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And the Meek Shall Inherit a New Job

You may need to contact the career coach, career guidance professional because today’s job search is comparable to guerrilla warfare. You need to have a super resume, you need to have the career coaching and career guidance to make that first impression. You need to stand tall and have the confidence that puts you above the crowd. Try and be liked immediately by the individuals that are in the interview.

The Advantages of Freelancing As a Career Choice

When people think about changing careers they often consider changing not because they dislike the kind of work they are doing, but rather the environment in which they are doing it. It is often simply that they dislike office life or the relationship between employer and employee, or the pressures involved in fixed salaried employment. This is often the reason that people decide on freelancing as a way to change the direction of their career.

Job Searching is Not Just For the Unemployed

I know, I know… in this time of unemployment, anyone without a job will look at this article and (sarcastically) say “yea, thanks a lot for the help, David.” I understand. But truthfully, there is a lot of merit to what I am about to write, and those of you who are employed should take note, even if you like your job and really haven’t thought about leaving.

Social Worker Pay – Is This Career Right For You?

There are many different areas of social work you can go into, and taking a look at the average salaries for each of them might give you a better idea of what you want to do. Although money isn’t everything, financial security is important and you will want to know what to expect in terms of pay after you graduate and receive your diploma.

IT Jobs and Skills Required

IT jobs require professionals who possess skills in a number of fields and dimensions. IT jobs are basically dived into three portions which include computer environment, job type, and experience level. Experience in mainframe, mid-range, or desktop systems is part of a job definition. The job type separates development which includes applications and technical and support staff.

Is Estate Administration the Right Career For You?

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about the career of estate administration. A job is not always as grand as the title makes it seem. For example, you may call the garbage man a “Sanitation Engineer”, but he is still a garbage man. Look into the details of the job carefully before deciding to become an estate administrator.

Job Outlook Generalized for Radiology Careers

With such an excellent job outlook generalized for radiology careers, now might be the perfect time to get the training to work in this field. As a radiologic technologist or technician you will be responsible for performing diagnostic imaging examinations using computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and/or x-ray machines.

Why Senior Care Employees Change Jobs

There is widely spread myth that the Senior Care industry somehow operates differently than the rest of the working world when it comes to employment. But the reality is that employers still go through the same hiring challenges when filling their senior care jobs as does any other industry.

Resume For a Stay at Home Mom – Should You Go Back to Work?

After staying at home for many years while the children are small, many Stay at Home Moms are trying to build a resume in order to find a job. Maybe the kids are at school full-time and it is time for mom to spread her wings in the corporate world. It is extremely difficult and could be frustrating to try and build a successful resume.

5 Critical Steps For Interview Preparation

Most people aren’t expert interviewers. You aren’t supposed to be good at interviewing.

New to the Recruitment Industry? Five Top Tips For New Recruiters

Whether you’re a graduate fresh out of Uni, or an experienced person making a career change, your first few months in recruitment are likely to be fairly challenging. The following tips will help you through.

The Easiest Way To Become a Qualified Medical Assistant

Medical assistant careers vary from receptionists to highly skilled and trained assistants in the emergency room. While is offers a wide range of career possibilities we don’t all have the time, money or drive to enroll in a 4 year course.

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